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Slowly getting there

I am celebrating little victories this week....more

Soon this setback will be a distant memory, just like my marathon

Without a doubt, I am on the mend. I know that if I had scheduled a sports massage, or if I had kept my appointments with the chiro, that I would have been back to my normal mileage by now, but I decided not to go that route. The main reason is that I couldn’t […] ...more

So, here’s the plan

Yesterday I joined a few friends for an easy, early morning run. ...more

When you are your own worst enemy: surviving a setback

I mentioned in my previous post that I’d experienced a “setback,” which is a way of avoiding the “I” topic cleverly, since what I have isn’t really an injury per se; ...more

Summer summer summertime

I become slightly anxious when the pace of life slows down....more

Looking back and moving on

Finally, I am feeling refreshed. ...more

The Aftermath: Marathon recovery

I hope to make a speedy return to my beloved...more

Race Report: Mountains 2 Beach Marathon (3:12)

“To choose your method of suffering is a privilege.” — Lauren Fleshman (Wipe that Smile off Your Face) In many ways, and looking back over my relatively short running “career,” this marathon felt like the first one in which I was biomechanically sound (not perfect mind you, just not crazy bad). ...more

Mountains 2 Beach Marathon Result

What a journey. 3:12.06 There is so much to say, and so many alternative titles to the imminent race report: 26.1 miles of running to a .1 sprint? The Day I Felt Horrible and Ran a 5 Minute PR The Day I Nearly Ran a Half Marathon PR on my way to the Marathon Finish […] ...more