Rub Some Dirt On It

A teacher turned mom, turned photographer.  City lover now living in rural Vermont.  Enjoying the challenges and delights of being a stay-at-home mom to three kids five and under!


Monday was Jax’s first day of 1st grade, and to say he was thrilled would be a vast understatement. ...more

High Tea

Jax started 1st grade today, and although I am brimming with pride over his accomplishment and happiness, this post isn’t about him. ...more

A Watchful Eye & A Favorite Spot

There is a little spot I know that makes my heart happy to just be near it. ...more

Beach Time With Grampy

The documentation of vacation fun continues, with a foggy afternoon after dinner with Grampy, who came up to spend a night and day with us in Maine. It was touch and go whether the skies would cooperate and...more

One Evening In Maine

One thing I miss so much about our adventures in Maine last week were our every evening trips back to the beach, replacing...more

Daddy’s Girl

As I said when I described our trip to Maine last week, Little H was not very fond of the water. ...more

The Call Of The Sea

Once upon a time, I lived within two blocks of the ocean, its blue depths winking at...more

Back From Paradise

Oh, lovely readers, thank you for a much-needed break from constant communication, and although I did try to at least keep up with my photo of the day, my laptop and personal hotspot apparently conspired against me so that I could not even get a signal strong enough to upload a photo. ...more

Round Here (But Not)

Around here, something is missing, namely US! ...more

Book Worms

With summer here and vacation half over, our schedules are way more lax than I have allowed in summers...more