In Real Life

As I was waiting for my daughter to get out of dance class last night, I was scrolling through Twitter on my phone and there was a tweet by somebody who said something I assumed to be about me … nothing new over the past few days.  I started trying to think of what it could possibly have been that I had done to not make her like me …. and then this strange feeling of calm came over me ...more

The Elephant in the Matrix

I’ve been debating on whether or not to even address this, but to be true to myself I feel that I have to. It was bound to happen eventually, but I was still shocked yesterday when I started getting private messages on a public forum telling me that the person who was talking was talking about me. I’ve been pretty open about my whole experience, without giving my name and the main reason for that is that I have children ...more

A Strange Sense of Sad

We both fell asleep before eleven.  We were both wide awake at three.  Just laying in bed, holding hands and thinking about Bryce.  So scared that he isn’t going to figure his life out.  So worried about where he’s going to end up.  So afraid that we could have done something different. He can’t stay.  We know that.  He knows that. We can’t and won’t let a grown child who refuses to work continue to live with us.  That isn’t ...more

Why Are You So Mad?

Common sense would tell you that it’s probably not a good idea to run your air conditioner with your windows open.  Common sense doesn’t live at my house. Last night as I walked to my bedroom from the bathroom, I could hear a lawn mower.  I could hear it really well.  It was even louder in the oldest boy child’s room …. probably because the window was WIDE OPEN !! Oh sure, it’s my fault … because I only tell them ...more

The World Can be a Weird Place

Here’s a sentence I never thought I would say and the really weird thing about it is that it’s true … totally and completely true: The police chief, who arrested me six and a half years ago, is trying to help me find a job in drug and alcohol addiction prevention. Let’s break that down a little … The police chief, who arrested me six and a half years ago … the man who came to my house, put handcuffs ...more

Nails 05.21.13

It’s official … I have run out of interesting things to talk about (actually I haven’t, I just can’t talk about them yet) so here’s pictures of my nails instead ...more

Four More Days !!!

All of my kids have known since they were around twelve years old that they could live with us while they attended college or trade school as long as they were also working at least part-time and contributing to the management of the household (helping with chores).  Derek and I would continue to feed them and provide them shelter, but they would have to buy their own clothes and toiletries (that’s such a funny word).  They’ve all known this … ....more

Can’t Have Nothin Nice

Ever since the kids were little, one of Derek’s favorite phrases has been “we can’t have nothin nice” …. and the kids always laugh when he says it, mostly because they know it’s true. Whenever the girls start off a story with “don’t be mad” then I know they’ve torn up something of mine or Derek’s (or the house).  This time they “accidentally” knocked my straightener off of the bathroom counter …. but they suggested that I just tape it ...more


Yesterday I took the day off and hid from the world.  IT WAS AWESOME !! ...more

Smokin in the Boy’s Room

We live in Oklahoma.  It gets hot in Oklahoma.  We fight it every year by trying not to turn on the air conditioners (one upstairs and one downstairs) unless we absolutely have to.  The temp last night was supposed to drop into the mid 60s, so we opened the windows before going to bed.  ...more