The Counselor Mom

I am a retired child counselor and now a stay at home mom to 2 wonderful little girls and love my hard working husband. My days are busy and I enjoy blogging about using my counseling skills now that I have kids, such a different perspective now!

30 Second Burst of Attention

I remember when my mom would talk on the phone as a kid, and I would keep bothering her, asking her questions, and talking to her like she wasn't on the phone at all. ...more

City Select Deal!

I rarely post deals on goods for kids but this one was too good to not tell you about! As you know, I test drove A LOT of double strollers when I was pregnant with my second. ...more

Picky Eaters!

My just turned 3 year old has to be THE pickiest eater on the planet. ...more

Summer is almost

Summer is almost here! ...more

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's day is next weekend and it's one of my favorite holidays! I love being able to celebrate motherhood with my mom, grandmother and my 2 little girls. ...more

Focus on the Positives

Lately we've been hearing the word, "no" a lot in our house. ...more

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! ...more

Busy Moms

I wanted to have an awesome Easter post this week of fun crafting ideas, but it's 11:15pm and I haven't even broken out the Paas Easter Decorating kit yet this week. You know, the 1$ cardboard box dye kit? Sigh ....more

Big Sibling, Little Sibling


Praise vs Encouragement

The other day I picked up my child from school and she said a child in her class told her that her artwork "wasn't very good" :( ...more