The Brewer & The Baker

She is a former bakery brat and a retired large account Project Manager from the tech industry (or maybe she's just on hiatus - she hasn't really decided yet). Her emergency kit includes a boxed cake mix and a box of shells & cheese. By day she manages investment properties, wears a light dusting of flour, and is constantly searching for AA batteries that don’t need to be recharged. By (ridiculously late) night, she publishes The Brewer & The Baker, wields a mean plasma grenade, and binge-watches Scandal.

Grilled Summer Chopped Salad

Meet my current obsession: it’s a bunch of grilled things, chopped, and then tossed with a simple vinaigrette. I’m a little weird in that I can get excited about a salad. Really excited about a salad ....more

Mediterranean Lamb Burgers

During the summer, the main dishes on our weekly menu usually looks something like this: – Something with roasted tomatoes because OMG SUMMER TOMATOES – Burgers – Something with pesto – Burgers – Burgers with roasted tomatoes and pesto – Grilled protein + fruit salsa – Margaritas You know, all the important food groups: tomatoes, basil, burgers, and tequila. (And possibly not in that order.) Burger Bash is back this month at HEB, celebrating the summer staple and providing you with the inspiration and Primo Picks to get your very best burger on the table. Me? ...more

Balsamic Roasted Green Beans

Welcome to 2015 Texas, where the streets and storm drains and gardens all runneth over. 3 years ago, we Texans were praying for rain while our state was literally on fire. This year? ...more

Merlot Marinara and Pizza Sauce

6 years ago, we made a trip across town and popped into a wine & beer supply store. About 4 months later, we yanked the cork off our first wine, a Riesling. And it was drinkable ....more

Garden Fridays: It’s Peach Time!

I picked 20lbs of those beauties this morning. TWENTY POUNDS. I spent the next hour picking over them, looking for damaged, freezer-bound peaches ....more

Honey-Ginger Glazed Salmon

It’s the 9 minute recipe you didn’t know you were missing. But now you do because I’ve just told you. There are infinite ways to prepare salmon but one of my favorites is broil + glaze ....more

Roasted Garlic Margherita French Bread Pizzas

Who else has succumbed to TOMATO AND BASIL AND MOZZARELLA ALL OF THE THINGS? Tis the season! The garden finally relinquished its hold on the first tomatoes of the year (could it have *BEEN* any slower?!) and now around here, everything is getting the tomato and basil treatment: burgers, pasta, and of course: pizza ....more

The Ultimate All-Day Cinco de Mayo Recipe Collection

There is far too much excellent Mexican food and drink to only celebrate once a year… and that’s why we celebrate it around here 2-3x a week! I’ve pulled together some of my very very very favorites for The Ultimate All-Day Cinco de Mayo. Margaritas Let’s just cut straight to the reason for the season: tequila and lime, in all it’s endless-possibility glory ....more

Salt and Vinegar Potatoes

Meet my new favorite non-waffle-shaped, non-bacon-ranch, non-flat-roasted way to consume potatoes: Crispy(ish) Salt & Vinegar Potatoes. You know those times that you open up Facebook in your kid’s school parking lot to magically make 10 minutes disappear because you don’t want to pick her up early and you have to scroll as fast as you can to get passed a flood of “why on earth would anyone do that to a Dorito” casserole photos? That ....more

Composting for Your Vegetable Garden

Let’s talk about decaying organic material. Yum, right? Whether you’re just now thinking about how to prep last year’s beds for the new season or you’re thinking about fertilizing your existing garden, you’re really thinking about composting ....more