Not Sewing - Not a Whole Lot of Cooking

It's been a slow slow sewing season around here. ...more

Piecing - 2 Quilt Tops

No, these are will not be going into the same quilt top... Just one of those days when you need 2 projects going at the same time... A spring-inspired yellow quilt top I've started a little while back - piecing in the borders together. ...and a little star quilt I'm working on for someone special :) Happy Sewing everyone! ...more

Hello Spring!

Love this time of year (despite the mosquitos and allergies!). ...more

Quilting Progress

First off, I'm happy to say that I'm alive ;). ...more

Weekend Breakfast Treat

Our kids LOVE doughnuts - particularly the ones at Krispy Kremes. ...more

Happy Birthday Aya

Our little girl is now 2. ...more

End of Summer Harvest and Draught

We're enjoying the last tomatoes, zucchinis and basils as summer comes to an end. Instead of gearing up for a late summer/fall planting we have decided to let our garden rest for remainder of the year. ...more

Got Boxes?

So things have gotten a little ... out of control? ...more

Modern Color Triangle Quilt

I've been waiting to make this quilt for a while...waiting for the right color combo to show up in my stash... Now it's DONE :) I'm happy to share this clean modern triangle quilt: I absolutely adore the little pop of mustard yellow and aqua. I backed it with a single piece of the Rainy Day fabric from Blend Fabrics ....more

Lazy Summer Days

Countdown to school begins as the last few days of lazy summer days ends. Our comfy outdoor sofa has been a comfort for us. ...more