So… it’s been all quiet on the blogging front as I decided to simply enjoy my holidays this year as opposed to the usual making things and taking photos, editing said photos and writing blog posts....more

Flow Blue and White Vintage Dresser Makeover

Happy Friday before Christmas! ...more

DIY Advent Calendar Roundup

Tomorrow is the first day of December - can you believe it?! ...more

Mid-Century Modern Peacock Blue Desk

Hey, hey there friends!...more

{Work It} Wednesday - Pencil Skirt and Booties

Happy Wednesday friends! ...more

Sugar Skull Wreath

I have an obsession with Sugar Skulls... they are such a beautiful representation of the Day of the Dead, a time when deceased loved ones are remembered in Mexican/Aztec tradition. ...more

{Work It} Wednesday - Cropped Pants and Heels

Happy humpday friends! ...more

DIY Lazy Susan

Whew! ...more

Halloween No-Sew Runner Tutorial

Hey there friends! ...more

{Work It} Wednesday - Lime and Leopard Work Style

Happy Humpday and welcome to a new series here on home.made. called Work It Wednesday, where I'll show you what I wear to work as I strive to infuse more style into my work wardrobe. I don't know about you, but I sometimes peruse "work outfits" on Pinterest and I have to laugh, cause unless you work at the mall or in a place with no dress code, most of the looks are unwearable in office ....more