Home Celebration: A Blog Of Comfort And Joy

Trying to find comfort and joy, while being an overworked, underslept, somewhat overweight mother, wife, cancer survivor and writer.  I am also a teacher and librarian, a lover of good children's books,  a "recovering attorney," and former political blogger at firedoglake.com. This is my daily journal on the path to enlightenment...or at least to losing another ten pounds without having to subsist on celery. Join me as I try to eat healthier meals, get a bit of exercise, spend better quality time with my family, organize my house, cope with a chronic autoimmune illness and the aftermath of two serious bouts with cancer, and somehow find some time to myself somewhere along the way. Easier said than done.


It has been one of those weeks....more

That Hint Of Fall

We awoke to a crisp, foggy morning, with the unmistakable feel of Fall in the air....more

Kitty Giggles

Because this morning, I woke up and needed a giggle. I thought everyone else could use one, too.This kitty is too cute!...more

How Fragile We Are

How fragile we truly are.In memory of all those lost, their families and friends, and in hope for peace ....more

Canyon Sunrise

Because sometimes you wake up in the morning and need a reminder that there was a time when you felt rested, relaxed and in harmony with the rest of the universe.This picture does that for me.Still sifting through vacation pictures as I get time....more

New Bird Feeder -- Hooray!

Spent an hour this morning digging a huge hole for a 4x4x6 post for my new bird feeder....more

Turning Over Some New Leaves

The start of the new school year is rough:...more

Count Your Many Blessings

Yesterday evening, The Peanut cheered at her first football game....more

Do The Fandango

Because some mornings, you wake up and you just need your Muppets fix.Bohemian Rhapsody....more

Busy And Cheerful

School has begun, and my teaching duties have started into full swing....more