Family Faves {Chicken Curried Salad}

I wish I had a photo for this one.I don't.Because they ate it so fast there was no time to take one!There are a few recipes that I only make in the summer. Fried chicken tenders made the ol' fashioned way with buttermilk and a deep frier. My grandmother, Mimi's seafood pasta salad ....more


#1 Please ignore Ru's (fairly successful) attempt at "cut cut" his own hair. Right there at the top, front and center, just in case you are blind missed it. They said when you adopt a 7 year old to prepare for toddler-like behaviors, so I guess I should have seen this coming ....more

A couple things I learned about myself yesterday

photo credit goes to LivyTheUnstoppable Ru had a sedated MRI yesterday. 8 kids and 4 special needs adoptions, and I was surprised how much I learned about myself and being a parent during an simple MRI. I think the thing that I learned the most was that I'm little more attached to this sweet boy than I thought I was ....more

Our 4th of July

Our little summer neighborhood is a pretty special place. Because the desert is so hot inthe summer, this neighborhood in the high mountains has been an escape for the desert dwellers since the 1950's. Every 4th of July there is a carnival for the kids and a parade with more people riding on golf carts than there are spectators ....more

Learn how to use your DSLR! No really! You can do it!

When you first got your DSLR you had visions of the gorgeous photos you were going to take! But then you probably quickly realized that it has a lot more buttons and numbers on it that you knew what to do with! Not to mention that it cost you or someone you love a pretty penny ....more

Ru's first cotton candy

'Cause what's the 4th of July without massive amounts of soda and cupcakes and snow cones and icecream and cake and cotton candy!...more

The really important stuff our summers are made of

If swinging were an Olympic sport, surely she'd medal! Our summer is spent at The Little Cabin in the Woods. Our days are consumed with really important stuff like...drawing and coloring, consuming popsicles, playing tag in the forest, making wishes on dandelions, sleeping in late, getting dizzy on the tire swing, making chocolate chip cookies and Rice Krispie treats, running through the sprinklers, nursing skinned knees, looking for bears, (figuratively but occasionally literally) doing puzzles, watching the squirrels, going on walks, building forts, riding bicycles, gathering wildflower bouquets, reading books together, eating the aforementioned chocolate chip cookies and Rice Krispie treats, playing board games, getting really dirty.. ....more

Still learning from my children and crappy stuff moms have to endure

This story is almost a year old now.But I wanted to make sure the he was okay with me sharing it. I wanted to give him some time to process it and see how it was going to play out before I put it out there for all to see. Almost a year later, ups and downs, he says it's okay if I put it out there to help anyone else in his shoes, or help mamas that are trying to help kiddos that are dealing with this too ....more

Our favorite feet on the planet

Jude is amazing. He's taken everything in stride, and I think he even has a bit of pride about his scars, that sense of I did this and not only am I okay, but I'm better and I love who I am!...more