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Weekend Style Blog Tour

Happy Friday! I am the last (but hopefully not least) stop on the Sew Caroline Weekend Style Blog Tour! Caroline is one of my favorite sewing friends so I was so excited to check out her new book, Weekend Style ....more

Big Girl Bedroom

I can’t believe I’m writing a post about a big girl room! Feels like just yesterday I was posting about a Nursery and now here we are :) A lot of things are the same… gallery wall, most of the same furniture, rug… but yay for a new big girl bed! This bed has a story too! ...more

Playroom Reveal

It’s finally here! Well… I finished this room back in December but the BLOG POST for the Playroom Reveal is finally here haha, Hooray! We’ve ...more

Classroom Valentine Ideas

Valentine’s Day is such a fun day for my kids. I told them this year they will be WINNING Valentine’s Day thanks to Minted! I posted a few weeks ago about how I was so excited to learn that Minted now carries Classroom Valentines so I thought I would share what we picked out! ...more

Morton Salt Girl Costume

Costumes are just about my favorite thing to sew, so this past Halloween I dressed Bee up as the Morton Salt Girl (so perfect right?!) Her short blonde “bob” was my inspiration :) Yes I know it is almost February… but better late than never on the blog post right? The costume itself was super simple, it’s basically just a yellow dress. I don’t like to plan a costume with a lot of moving parts for a two year old because it’s just inevitable that she will take it all off and end up looking like nothing ....more

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Who can believe that Valentines day is right around the corner? 2017 is already flying and you guys… I am about to make your life so easy. You can thank me later ;) I love custom gifts and today I am sharing some great ideas for any special someone in your life! ...more

Sweethearts Quilt with Wonderland

Happy New Year! I am so excited to be sharing today’s project with you!! This makes quilt NUMBER 9 totally handmade and completed by me ....more

2016 Minted Holiday Cards

Oh Happy Day… look what is here!! My 2016 Holiday Cards by Minted. I LOVE Minted, which is no secret around here! ...more

Grinch Munch Popcorn

I can’t believe we are 13 days away from Christmas! For some reason this year, the Holidays really crept up on me! I felt like this last year but it really had nothing on my current status haha! ...more

Siberian Husky Costume

I love creative people and when I got an interesting Halloween Costume request (again) from my son, I couldn’t say no. Remember last year when he asked me to make him a Roach Costume?! Some people were grossed out but I was just excited that he wanted something different… that’s my boy! ...more