Baby Rabies

Jill is the voice of Baby Rabies, a story of what happens after baby fever turns serious. She is a writer, photographer, influencer, content creator, and human maker. Jill writes honestly and a little too openly about pregnancy, parenthood, and all the moments in life that she has to laugh at or she just might cry into a bottle of wine.

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet… kinda

I know I’m really bad about coming up with big ideas and then not following through. Trust. I know ....more

Stitch Fix, Fix My Sad Closet

Last year I got an invite to a fashion blogger thing in L.A. I laughed from inside the warmth of my hoodie, and pushed my greasy hair back from my face before I deleted it. I am not good with the dressing myself thing. I mean, I can get dressed ....more

40 Weeks 5 Days Pregnant Is A Lot Of Pregnant {contributor}

Today I share with you this very profound piece of writing by my friend, AND NEW CONTRIBUTOR (YAY! Ya’ll will love her!), Suzanne. She is very, very, very, very, very pregnant....more

Launching My YouTube Channel with the Help of bumGenius

Yesterday I unveiled the shiny new blog design, and now I show you what’s up my other sleeve. A fancy new YouTube channel! You can check it out and subscribe here ....more

Open House- Welcome To My New Space

On the first day of this year, I decided I would make things happen in 2014. Leyna had her arm in a splint after breaking it the day before, and my anxiety was at an all time high, but I sat in the car on the drive back to Dallas from visiting family in South […] ...more

We Are All Here

So, so many of you reached out, commented on, and shared this story of motherhood, loss, appreciation, and immense love when I posted it in February. Meet Maggie & Another Leyna...more

Stop It, Summer

I got a catalog selling “Back To School” clothes and backpacks yesterday. And then I went to Target and scored 70% off a new patio set because they were making room for aisles of crayons and notebooks. It’s July 10th ....more

Rendi Story Boards- A Photo Solution & Giveaway

My oldest child is only 6 years old, but technology has changed so much since he was born. The majority of the photos I took of him as a baby were with a (slow, cumbersome) point & shoot. They live on an old hard-drive, and some in my neglected iPhoto library ....more

Some Crib Mattresses Make Better Trampolines

As much as I try to stick to daytime working hours the days all 3 kids are in their summer program, nighttime work is inevitable many nights of the week. Kendall and Leyna take turns poking their heads in the office. “Mom? ...more

Judgement Doesn’t Make You Fail-Proof – On Babies Left In Hot Cars

Every year, every. single. summer ....more