A Quick, Easy Kale Recipe

Kale is...more

A Little Sneakiness Sometimes Necessary

Not usually one to sneak vegetables into my kids food, except maybe throwing some kale or spinach into smoothies, every once in a while I feel it necessary. ...more

Vote for My Friend on Martha Stewart

My friend Yolie has created this pretty nifty cookie cutter/tray, One Smart Cookie. ...more

Nut/Peanut-Free Snack Suggestions

Some have started already, my kids go back to school in about 10 days. ...more

Summer Soup… and a giveaway


Summer on the Run

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Meals for Practice, Game & Other Activities Nights

Spring is such a busy time around my town. ...more

Cince de Mayo

It’s my birthday and also Cinco de Mayo. ...more

A one pot meal ALL my kids liked

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Cutest Review

My seven year old son had to write a review or critique of something in his first grade class. ...more