Vintage Bikes as Garden Decor

source There's something whimsical about a vintage bike. And if you paint it a fun color and add a container or basket for planting it brings on the happiness even more. via Pinterest Who cares if the tires are flat or the wheels are rusted? In the garden, these things don't matter ....more

Simple Summer Mantel with Vintage Finds

My summer interior style comes from a few basic ideas: living simply indoors so that I can enjoy the outdoors more, using what I already have on hand and incorporating greenery. A vintage window frame is such a versatile decor piece for creating vignettes on the mantel or even a hall table ....more

Vintage Christmas Card {for the 4th of July}

This is a fun Christmas card from my personal collection featuring some patriotic puppies dressed for the 4th of July. I bought it because I thought the little character images might be great for some of my summer crafting ideas and cards. July seems so far off, especially with the rain we've been having and are expecting more of in the midwest ....more

Decorating With Pink {Small Doses}

After many years of staying away from the color pink in my home decor, I have begun to embrace it's femininity and softness in small touches in my home. This pink chair is one of a set. They were estate sale finds. They are in excellent condition, and are a nice spot to sit when I have a visitor. Especially in the winter, as they are right near the fireplace ....more

What's in Your {Vintage} Suitcase?

Vintage luggage always catches my eye at an estate sale or flea market. These pieces are the ultimate in vintage chic storage. I have quite a few pieces, but have become more discerning in selecting a new case for my collection. These gray pieces were actually found on three different shopping trips, and two of them were from the thrift store ....more

Handmade Card {Sweet Baby Girl}

I had fun creating this sweet baby girl card. With a couple of twenty-something daughters, I am way past this stage of life, but it was fun to dip into the pastel colored baby scrapbook paper. I didn't want to stick with a completely pink palette, so I picked up on the yellow and aqua tones for some contrast ....more

Amazing {and Inexpensive} Nature Photography Course

source I am always on the lookout for ways to improve and practice my photography skills. Imagine my surprise when I found a three-hour photography course from my local forest preserve district for just $20. Yes, $20. source All of the photos in this post are from Flickr users JanetandPhil ....more

Pretty Pink Sweets {Baby Shower Treats}

We made some desserts for a baby shower last weekend. Not only were they delicious, they were beautiful. All decked out in pink and purple frosting with some dark chocolate and sprinkles for contrast, the dessert platter turned out really nice ....more

Dreaming of the {Paris} Flea Market

I'm at the point in my life where the destinations I've yearned to reach need to happen soon. I'm not getting any younger (darn!), the kids are grown and all but one have careers. My youngest daughter has traveled more than I have in her twenty-something years. She finds a way.. ....more

Spring? {Yes Please}

source Winter is still here. The patio screen door was frozen shut with freezing rain overnight. Once again, there is snow to shovel on the back deck and driveway. source I would like a large order of Spring please ....more