I'm a faith and lifestyle blogger, I guess you'd say. I write approximately a ton about marriage, being a twenty-something, dog-owner and mom of one wild little toddler. I'm a closeted Foodie, mostly because Foodie can be synonymous with douchebag,  a storyteller, a Christian, a mixture of a bunch of different political views and a caffeine addict. I'll never give it up. I tend to break "rules" that I think are ridiculous like not drinking coffee or eating Sushi when you're pregnant. I also had the occasional glass of wine. Sue me. I like balance and grace and self-deprecating humor. Welcome, stay awhile!

So, how's life with two?

Y'all. It's been so long since I blogged that I actually forgot my own password.This is not a good sign.If any of you out there still read this thing, then don't worry. I'm not going anywhere ....more

Dear Simon

Dear Summah Beekuh (this is how you say your name),I haven't written to you in awhile, Bubby Wubs. Since I've last written, we've moved into a new house with a yard where you like to chase your dog, ride on your trucks and hide so that you can put rocks in your mouth without me seeing. I've never seen a child run so fast as when you get caught doing something you know you're not supposed to be doing ....more

Owen Elizabeth's Birth Story

I suppose there's no better way to dive back into the blogosphere than with a good ole fashioned birth story!Most of you know about my long, long labor with Simon and my anxiety about having to do all that again. With Simon, it was really important to me to try and go for a "natural" birth (I hate that word for it...let's call it "unmedicated"). This time, I had decided that I was open to an epidural, and by open, I mean I wanted one ....more

farewell, breakfast nook

I always wrote my blog posts in my breakfast nook. It's a little banquette that juts off the back of our house and looks out over Carter Mountain, an apple orchard here in Cville. I've watched the seasons come and go more than sixteen times from this nook, and I'm feeling just a tiny bit sad, as today will be my last post from this place.We are moving into an old house just a few minutes away ....more

I think of Mary

I think my last post was over two weeks ago. Am I still allowed to call myself a blogger?Here's the thing: our house is under contract. Yes and Amen, said all of God's people ....more

pillow party

On April 11, I will have met my hubbins six years ago in a sweaty, angsty, natty-light smelling all-male a Capella house. I could tell you exactly what I was wearing. Those were the days when what to wear was among the bigger deals of my day.I wonder sometimes if N ....more

selling a house and a lesson in control

There are days when I'm like, "Oh, how beautiful; I get to grow this life in my womb and bring it forth into the world!" and I'm all sunshine-y and butterflies-ey.Then there are days when I literally pee my pants a little, without warning, because the baby round house kicks my bladder.The glamour don't stop, y'all.We are, as I've said in previous posts, selling our house.It's been an adventure and a lesson in control. We get emails or calls that our house will be showing in however many hours or minutes. N. has been traveling a lot or, of course, at work, so it's usually me, 30 weeks pregnant running around the house like an OCD person, making sure the blinds are up, the lights are on, the counters are wiped down the diaper genie is emptied and that everything is literally perfect ....more

Sweet Simon

Sweet Simon,You are 20 months. Or 21. I've honestly been trying to do the math for 3 minutes now, and I've given up ....more

It's me again!

Why, hello blog world. It's been a few weeks, hasn't it?Does anybody else kinda shut down 'round about mid-February and not want to open back up until April? I feel like a computer screen--frozen on a youtube video ....more

What Happens at Sappy-town: A belated anniversary post

I wasn't a fairytale kinda gal growing up. For some reason, I didn't grow up planning Barbies' weddings or playing princess. I wore Umbros, ate Slim Jims (and pretended I was a baseball player with chewing tobacco...anyone else?!) and caused my parents to have to replace the carpet in the family room because I ran and did flips on it until it became so loose that it bunched up at one end of the room ....more