A New Mudroom

You may remember that one of the things our house never had was a true mudroom. There are several spaces that sort of act like a mudroom, but none of them were really achieving what we needed with two kids in school and multiple sports each. The lacrosse gear alone may kill me.This space was the closest we had to a mudroom ....more

New Wallpaper {Dining Room}

I'm super excited to share the changes in our dining room. It's really only one major change - the walls! Oh my goodness.. ....more

Snowzilla 2016

I apologize if this is the 40th blizzard post you have read today. Feel free to skip this one.We survived. At least so far ....more

Dining Room Upgrades

A long, long time ago... our dining room had wallpaper. Then in the flurry of the mid 2000s when wallpaper was considered ghastly, we ripped it down and painted everything so it was nice and matching with the rest of the house ....more

Stairwell Upgrade - Molding Details

Our stairwell received an upgrade just after the painting was finished. Of course, that timing was completely wacked because I should have done the molding before the painting. Whoops ....more

New Paint Reveal - Finally

We had the house painted over the summer and I have spent a lot of time rethinking a lot of things in my house since then. Everything is painted Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, perhaps the most overused color in the blogosphere but it's a fabulously versatile color. Here's the long overdue reveal ....more

Our Florida Beach Condo: TV Stand Picture Wall

I just realized I never wrapped up our Florida beach condo makeover posts from May. Whoops. The last thing we worked on after I stripped the wallpaper border in the kitchen and spiffed up the balcony...more

"We can either paint or move. You pick."

I uttered those words to Handy Hubby a few months ago. He quickly said that painting was a good idea. Of course he hates moving and I know that so it was a slam dunk (and, no, I really don't have any desire to move) ....more

Our Florida Beach Condo: Balcony Updates

One of the best features of our Siesta Key condo is the balcony (or lanai as most people there call it). It's fully screened but small - about 5'6" x 11'. That's not a ton of space ....more

Florida Beach Condo - Kitchen Updates

Over Memorial Day weekend, Jim and I snuck down to our new condo in Siesta Key, Florida to do a little work on the condo, get some rest, and eat some amazing meals. I had a "few" work priorities for the condo. Handy Hubby thought it was going to be "rest" weekend - he was wrong (although ...more