Yellow Pear

I love planning parties for my kids and doing fun things for holidays (any excuse for a theme, really).  I seem to keep a constant stream of new projects in the works.  I get a huge kick out of anything miniature and I love food.  I love all kinds of food from ethnic to plain ol' mashed potatoes and gravy.   My husband and I enjoy travelling and going on adventures with our kids.  And I really, really love to take pictures of people, I always have.  My husband says I view life through a camera lens.  I can't escape the allure of getting that next, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, goose bump-giving image.

Lucky Number Seven: A New Babe

I had the baby 2 weeks early (which is why I haven't been on here much lately). ...more


For Thanksgiving, we had my parents come visit from out of town. ...more

My Little Models: Boys Fashion

I have so much fun dressing up the boys and taking pictures for Fly Little Guy. ...more

Getting Ready for Baby

I had a cute friend take some maternity photos for me a couple weeks ago (at around 35-36 weeks). ...more

My Boy Learns to Read

This sweet guy of mine is learning to read and I LOVE watching it all unfold! ...more

The Lord of The Rings Costumes

For Halloween 2014, we chose to be characters from The Lord of The Rings. ...more

Birthday Lunch and Photos

Miss B is getting old my friends...which means I'm getting even older! Yikes. ...more

My Knight in Shining Armor

This guy has been a rock star, a knight in shining armor, my hero etc. etc. ...more

How to Train Your Dragon Birthday Party

Q decided on a How to Train Your Dragon Party. ...more

Baby and a Handmade Quilt

I had a very quick session with this little lady the other night to show off her pretty blessing dress. ...more