Adrien: Banana Republic Gemma Wrap Dress Review.

I posted a "buy this" post about the Banana Republic Gemma wrap dress recently but wasn't expecting to wear it until fall. However, the weather went wonky the way it does and I wore it on an annoyingly cold day: You guys? This is a good one ....more

Weekend Window Shopping: The Magic Dress.

My search has begun! I've started looking for this year's version the magical casual dress I can wear all summer long. It has to be washable, comfortable, adorable, and can't require a strapless bra ....more

Captain Awesome.

M: Do you watch Hart of Dixie?A: No ma'am.M: Goddammit. Okay did you watch Chuck?A: Yes!M: Okay! Remember the funny but freakishly Ken Doll looking brother-in-law? ...more

Marianne: Experimenting.

Yes, yes, I bought it. I bought the Zambi Popover. Pinterest emailed me to tell me it was 40% off (sneaky bastards) and I snapped it up so fast I don't even know what happened ....more

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Shopbop Friends and Family sale!

Shopbop is having their Friends and Family sale right now which is hurting our soul. Please score some deals for us! Code INTHEFAMILY14 gets you 25% off plus 3% cash back with eBates ....more

Can't Reach.

A: Everything about this made me roll my eyes so hard I think they got stuck in my brain: "I don’t remember what I was shooting but I love how my assistant Camilla caught the...more

Adrien: Basic Stuff.

Nothing really new to see here, but this seems to be my thing lately - fitted pants, loose blouse-y top, a cardigan to ruin it all, and the usual accessories. This outfit was from Monday which says a lot, I think. My top is from Ann Taylor from last year and it's been a workhorse ....more

Tomorrow We'll Talk About World Peace.

A: Did you get that MUFE foundation? I got a sample of it and I'm trying it today. M: What do you think of it? ...more

Boys R Dumb.

A: We need a cute boy entry, I suppose. I'm off dudes.M: Ugh, men. Someone was saying that Captain America was hot but I was not impressed.A: Meh, he's too vanilla for my tastes but, um: M: Derp face.A: Right? ...more

Weekend Window Shopping: Crossbody Bags.

I know I just bought a bag (and I won't be buying another any time soon and, in fact, I'm selling one) but something about spring makes me want a cute crossbody bag, even though I cart around too much stuff to make it practical. Here are my favorites: Marc by Marc Jacobs Sophisticato Dani Cross Body Bag Rebecca Minkoff Marlowe Mini Cross Body Bag kate spade new york Martiza Cross Body Bag Juicy Couture Rosewood Power Clashing Collection Mini G Cross Body Bag olivia + joy Kindred Cross Body Bag Foley + Corinna Disco City Cross Body Bag Mix No. 6 Bow Front Cross Body Bag Lodis Hill Street Reyna 8282HB Cross Body ...more