Truth and Consequences

At 47, I am a midlife mom, a grandmother, a writer, a singer, a blogger. I have written a memoir entitled Only Good Things, and am co-editing an anthology The Shame Prom with Amy Ferris (Seal Press, 2012). My essays can be found in Chicken Soup for the Soul- Answered Prayers and Character Consciousness, as well as online at iPInion Syndicate, The Next Family, and AOL Patch. My blog Truth and Consequences explores the truth as I see it in every day life. I am baring my soul...and seeing what comes of it. 

Writing About Family: Truth and Consequences

Storytelling has existed since the beginning of humankind. Our stories are the connective tissue that holds humanity and possibly even the universe together. Poet and activist Muriel Rukeyser famously wrote, “The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms." Every person on this planet has a unique life path and therefore an interesting tale to share, and yet so many of us struggle with whether or not we have the right to tell our stories ....more

The Magic Hats

On Monday night,...more

Uncle Dan

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you my uncle Dan Haggerty has died this morning. Cancer.Fucking cancer. You might remember him as Grizzly Adams, the character he portrayed back in the late '70s, but to me he was the only stable father figure I ever had - the only one who stayed ....more

How Americans Contribute to the Culture of Gun Violence

Last night, I took my ten-year-old son to see the PG-13 rated movie The Martian. We had just been reading the book, and were thrilled to see something so full of science and math and innovation come to the big screen. We put on our 3D glasses, snuggled into our plush recliner seats with popcorn and got ready for a fun ride ....more

Why I Turned to Planned Parenthood

Pro-family, pro-choice, Pro-saving lives. ...more

I'm Hitting The Road- and Might Be In Your Town!

Counting my blessings today for the wonderful readers and book clubs who have been supporting Fire Season since its launch in April. It's been a fun whirlwind- from events in Arizona and L.A. to radio events, a Huffington Post Live interview and a great night speaking at the American Red Cross Gala about fire safety ...whew! Changing Hands Bookstore, Phoenix AZ Barnes and Noble, The Grove, Los Angeles This Sunday I'll be at BookStar in Studio City from 2 to 3pm, thanks to my good friend, the awesome bookmistress Lindy Michaels ....more

What To Do With a Rejection Letter

In Stephen Bishop’s guest bathroom, there is a framed rejection letter from Apple Records, saying that they found his compositions “unsuitable” for their catalog. When you exit the bathroom and walk down the hall, however, you’ll see this -- walls lined with gold records that followed in the years after that rejection letter, as well as Grammy nominations, and an Oscar nomination for his song Separate Lives (performed by Phil Collins). Stephen has performed on Saturday Night Live, the Midnight Special, and in concerts around the world ....more

What I Salvaged From the Fire

When our house burned down in 1994, all three levels burned to the ground. There was not a trace left of the sofa, the dining table, the piano. And yet, my husband, wearing thigh-high fishing boots, dug through piles of rubble four-feet deep and pulled out small blackened squares ....more

Love and Miracles

--> March was the month from hell. It really was. I started to backslide into old negative belief patterns that I was unlucky, that this was my fate – had always been my fate, that bad things just randomly happen to me, etc…But then I stopped myself and said, “No, that is an old story ....more

That's What Friends Are For

As most of you know, I have a new book out about how we lost everything in a fire. One of my favorite chapters in the book is called “The Harvest.” It’s about how, when we were broke and homeless, our community of musician friends rallied around us and put together a benefit concert to lift us back on our feet. Hundreds of people showed up ....more