Truth and Consequences

At 47, I am a midlife mom, a grandmother, a writer, a singer, a blogger. I have written a memoir entitled Only Good Things, and am co-editing an anthology The Shame Prom with Amy Ferris (Seal Press, 2012). My essays can be found in Chicken Soup for the Soul- Answered Prayers and Character Consciousness, as well as online at iPInion Syndicate, The Next Family, and AOL Patch. My blog Truth and Consequences explores the truth as I see it in every day life. I am baring my soul...and seeing what comes of it. 

My post Rite

My post Rite Aid, Racism and Where We Go From Here kicked up a lot of dust with people, both on my Facebook page, and on other people's pages. I was glad to hear each person's point of view, even though we might not completely agree. We each perceive our lives through a unique lens, based on our own past experiences ....more

Rite Aid, Racism and Where We Go From Here

Friday night, standing in line at Rite Aid, Evan and I found ourselves in the middle of a drama that epitomized the heightened racial tension in this country. Two young black men came into Rite Aid, and passed by two white girls, a blonde and a brunette. The men were handsome, muscular, wearing tank tops and shorts ....more

Meeting my Muslim Neighbors

Islamic Society of West Valley/ Inter-faith dinner Last week, my eleven-year old son Evan confided in me that he’s been having some fears about ISIS, because of all that he’s seen on the news, and heard from friends at school. He told me that a few days before, a delivery man wearing a turban came to our front door to deliver a package and he was afraid that it might be ISIS with a bomb.I realized that this was a pivotal moment for him, so I stopped what I was doing and we had a long talk. I told him that the delivery man was most likely a Sikh, first of all, and Sikhs are not affiliated with ISIS ....more

Crossing the Political Divide: My Conversation with an Unlikely Trump Voter

This month I was in Washington DC to do a little rabble-rousing with Congress. My friend Sandy Phillips and I caught a cab back to Dulles airport, and that's when we met our cab driver, Yamir. Yamir asked what we were in town for, and I told him we work to prevent gun violence and lobby for stronger gun laws ....more

Letter to My Teenage Self

Dear Teen Self,Remember that muggy, summer afternoon when you and your friends sat in a circle on your bedroom floor, your fingers raking through the tired, flattened shag carpet while you all pondered whether you’d still be alive in the year 2000?...more


"Women, if the soul of the nation is to be saved, I believe that you must become its soul."...more

Put your broken heart aside and #RESIST

Have you ever heard of the term "MORAL INJURY"?...more

Don't Let Them Take Our Healthcare!

I lived six years without health insurance, due to a pre-existing condition. What was my pre-existing condition? I had seen a therapist for depression and anxiety after my house burned down ....more

Sifting Through the Rubble

Lately, I've been sifting through the rubble of what was my former optimistic self, trying to figure out what to make of what I'm filled with since the election, which is mostly this: pain and suffering and despair. Pain is real, and should be acknowledged. Pain tells me to pull my hand out of the fire ....more


“Darkness defines the light.” That’s what our yoga/meditation teacher Kristen Eykel said, as we engaged in a deep discussion after a group meditation this morning. The darkness that is sweeping the country and the world right now is defining a message for us: RISE. If there’s any silver lining behind these shitstorm clouds, it’s that people are beginning to wake up and answer the call of their higher selves ....more