What Are You Doing for Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month?

I’m joining the Postpartum Support International Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month blog hop...more

On Writing About PPD & Climbing Out of the Darkness

I’ve had such a busy week, although it hasn’t been evident here on the blog. As part of the Warrior Mom Leadership Team curated by Katherine Stone for Postpartum Progress, I’ve been over there this week, talking about how I told my boss about my PPD and about this wonderful coping tool I learned recently. And today, my friend A’Driane is sharing an update about her postpartum anxiety (PPA), which I hope you’ll read because it gives insight about what a baby’s crying can...more

A Walk in the Park

A view from the track at the park closest to my office. Last September, I committed myself to 9 months of giving up my daily hour lunch break in order to shuttle Jax from pre-K (which is a half day) to daycare. This was the only way he could attend pre-K, and it’s a decision that I’m very happy to have made (because he LOVES his pre-K class and teacher) even though it seriously inconveniences me in the middle of the work day and uses up a lot of gas! ...more

A Weekend Escape to Recharge?

I know I need self-care...more

What I’ve Been Up To (It Sure Hasn’t Been Blogging)

I’m not sure whether it’s writer’s block or spring fever (I am out doing ALL THE THINGS) or both, but I haven’t said much here lately. I miss writing in this space, but I’ve also spent a lot of time wondering whether I actually miss it or it’s that I feel I should be spending my time here. My friends and I have a joke that any time one of us uses that nasty little word “should,” she takes a shot ....more

Motivation for Self-Care: The FitBit Flex as a Fun Fix

I need some. The motivation and the self-care, both. Life has become so busy, suddenly ....more

Setting Morning Intentions

Last week, I tried something new–setting an intention for the day. I pulled out my “positivity notebook” and on a clean sheet of paper, I wrote “What is my purpose today?” I did this two days in a row. I scribbled the first few things that came to my mind ....more

Once a Hater: How I Came to Love Yoga

My favorite pose so far. The first time I tried yoga, I was in college, around age 19, and I had the completely wrong idea about it. My friend and I bought a 10-class pass for just under $100 (what was I thinking, and how did I afford this on a college kid’s budget?!) to a yoga studio just inconveniently located to my apartment ....more

The Problem With Being a “Fixer”

He looks like a fixer. Arms crossed tightly, closed off to the story and probably already planning the action! I am a fixer ....more

Valkee 2 Winner!

I’ve had some nasty virus since Thursday, so forgive me for being a day late on choosing the winner of the Valkee 2 light therapy headset. Because I’ve been stuck on my couch, bored out of my mind, I wanted to make the giveaway a little more fun (for me), so I opted to draw the winner by hand, rather than the usual method of using random.org. I wrote each commenter’s name on a slip of paper so that, for example, if a person entered four times, they got four slips of paper tossed into the bowl ....more