A Mom With A Lesson Plan

As a wife and mom to two active kids, I am so lucky to have found a career that is both flexible and fulfilling. At amomwithalessonplan.com I share parenting tips, learning activities and family connection ideas. The main goal is always to build up my readers so they leave my site feeling more confident with the tools they already have and more prepared to stretch themselves even further. 

Easy Easter Egg Craft for Preschool and Toddlers

Written by amomwithalessonplan.com We start celebrating Easter at our house weeks before the actual holiday arrives. We especially love Easter activities...more

Are Video Games Bad for Kids? Q & A with Dr. Rachel Kowert

Written by amomwithalessonplan.com Are Video Games Bad for Kids? That is a question that looms over me pretty much all the time. It’s that question that causes a major sense of tension at our house ....more

Smooth Kids Morning Routine – More Listening & Cooperation

Written by amomwithalessonplan.com Does your kids morning routine need a make over? Is getting somewhere with your kids in the morning a total nightmare — with you begging, nagging or losing your patience because they just won’t GET READY? Mornings set the tone for the whole day so it totally stinks when they start off crazed and chaotic ....more

Number Recognition Activity – Counting Cereal

Written by amomwithalessonplan.com Introduce preschool children to number recognition using cereal, cards, and bowls. This simple number recognition activity...more

Easy Snowy Winter Craft for Kids of All Ages

Written by amomwithalessonplan.com Brrr!...more

6 Date Night Games that will Make you Want to Stay In

Written by amomwithalessonplan.com When was the last time you had a date night? Truth be told we...more

Football Math for Game Day

Written by amomwithalessonplan.com Football is big deal at my house, especially as the NFL heads into the postseason....more

Printable Winter Sudoku for Kids

Written by amomwithalessonplan.com A couple of years ago...more

Fancy, Fun & Simple Desserts Kids Can Make

Written by amomwithalessonplan.com Kids are great helpers (and rascals) in the kitchen and can easily be involved in the process. Your child would be willing to do all the rinsing, grating and cutting work you kindly delegate as long as you keep it playful. These two recipes are so easy and can be basically made in 15 minutes ....more

A Book and a Toy That Fit Together Perfectly

Written by amomwithalessonplan.com It’s so much fun to expand on books, especially books that are read again and again. All of the books on this list are ones that we consider must have’s. They either had (or still have) a place in our home library or were checked out from our actual library many times ....more