Tiny Blue Lines

I'm writing the book on young motherhood! Literally. Follow me on my journey from unplanned pregnancy to loving life as a young mom of three, labor and delivery nurse, speaker, writer, blogger, and coming in May 2014--author! My book on young motherhood seeks to change the face of young motherhood with inspirational and practical advice on surviving unplanned pregnancy, dealing with judgement, and balancing school, work, career, and parenting. Oh--and that essential must-know of motherhood: how to re-claim going to the bathroom by yourself. 

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Learning To Be Grateful For Motherhood

By now, you may have heard of my horrendously embarrassing segment on Good Morning America. (And if you haven’t, it went something like this: Babble was looking for a mother willing to talk about the issue of rekindling the romance after having a baby, they asked me, and of course, I couldn’t exactly turn that down, so I said yes.) Unfortunately, I’m not going to link to the segment because I look like a pregnant Shamu–oh wait–and my poor husband has been embarrassed enough by his wife talking about their bedroom life enough on national TV. But what struck me while doing the interview was in my small talk with the producer before she launched into the tough questions ....more

My Love-Hate Relationship With My Pregnant Body

The other day I had the pleasure of taking all three children to the doctor’s for check-ups and one earache. As a treat for what turned out to be an exhausting two-hour ordeal (isn’t it always?), we all went out for lunch afterwards. As my 5-year-old sat sipping her drink, she suddenly looked up at me with a thoughtful look on her face ....more

Win a Free Copy of Tiny Blue Lines From The Grace Bond

Want to know what my favorite part about writing my book has been? Hearing the reactions of real-life young moms who have been gracious enough to read and review it. Because it’s one thing to write the book myself and think it’s helpful and practical advice, but it’s another thing completely to hear that other young moms and women facing unplanned pregnancy can relate to the book and find hope and encouragement in its message ....more

Wives? End The Silent Treatment

When we first got married, it’s quite possible that I was the worst wife on the planet....more

Are Kids An Excuse For Not Living Your Dreams?

Last weekend, I went to my first-ever fiction writing workshop in preparation for tackling the next item on my dream bucket list. (#1: Finish my novel before age 30.) As I sat, crammed in a small folding chair and eating way too many pre-packaged snacks, I started chatting with the lady next to me, a woman who had taken tons of professional writing classes, but could never seem to find the time to actually write. (Her description, not mine.) She gestured towards my belly ....more

It’s A…

Yesterday was the day that we had all been waiting for…some of us more than others, namely Ada, who literally asked me every 5 minutes how much longer it was until the party. It was a long day....more

A Mother’s Heartbreak & Redemption: Hannah’s Story

By: Hannah Rose Allen For one mother who chose abortion for her unplanned pregnancy, her heart could not find peace. When she found herself pregnant again, she longed to hold her baby in her arms and embrace the life she had been given…only to receive the devastating news that would change her life forever. Read on for the powerful story of a mother’s heartbreak and find her on Facebook or her website, Rose and Her Lily....more

20 Week Ultrasound (Baby #4!)

Today was the day! Ultrasound day! I’ve been so excited/anxious about this day for some reason ....more

Moms of Littles, This Stage Does Not Define You

Do you ever get the feeling that you are a complete mess? Like, take yesterday for instance. I made the bold decision to take all three kids into the store for a split second in order to purchase a ridiculously expensive ink cartridge for my printer ....more

The Other Side of Unplanned Pregnancy

Some of you may remember my original post with Kayla, who found out that she was pregnant while traveling–all alone in Germany. (Psst…Kayla’s story is also featured in my book!) Kayla was kind enough to give us a little update on her life and she let me share how things are going on the “other side” of her unplanned pregnancy. Visit Kayla on her blog, Kayla Expects Chaos, for more updates from this inspiring young mama....more