The proof a tagine is in the gravy.

And the smoky den that chooses to call itself Musaharati,...more

As simple as kababs on a sidewalk in Sharjah.

This might come as a shocker to people who’ve struggled to stay afloat through my cumbersome food sagas in the past, but I’ve had such an intense two weeks of work and Stuff (with all the dirty laundry that the capital S implies) that I have nothing much to write. My mind is blank. I’m trying to revive it by playing Starship on repeat, but I might need another 48 hours of ‘rock and roll’ to snap out of it ....more

Care for local, organic, farm-fresh? Then visit a farm.

Photography credits for this post: The sharp-shooter Sheban at Airspectiv Media....more

The crunchiest Jalebi you can find in Dubai.

Your body is not happy, that’s why you keep falling ill. You’re not feeding it enough…Soul Food. Hm ....more

The Wood-Fired Stove at our Homestay in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

I blinked with disbelief. A wood-fired stove?! For a brief moment, the anxiety that my brain was staging in my head about our homestay in the Mekong Delta curtsied abruptly and walked off stage ....more

If you don’t like seafood, try Mahesh.

Potson and I have been eagerly awaiting the opening of Mahesh Lunch Home, a Mangalorean seafood stalwart with its commercial fingers dipped into five different spots across Mumbai. Kudos to Potson who lugged himself over for lunch, despite having stabbed himself in the foot (literally.) with a glass splinter, despite not being a seafood lover. The long and short of it is slapped into the title ....more

My Top Picks from a 5-Day Feast in South Vietnam

The year is off to a blazing start, and I hit the ‘go’ button by…going on vacation. I scuttled off to Vietnam right about the time when people were finalizing New Year’s resolutions. Vietnam it would be, because Vietnamese cuisine boasts flavours that are refreshing, vibrant and clean – and because I love Vietnamese banh mi (which ironically I never ended up eating because they were all pork-based) ....more

Flavours of 2013 Worth Revisiting in 2014

The litmus test of a memorable meal is when months later, you can still mentally savour the flavours of the meal. Thinking about that slow-cooked lamb in tomato broth, tender grains of rice tossed with dill or dumplings pudgy with curried chicken and coriander, your stomach tugs you back to a meal moment in time. It’s that flavour-defining moment when a dish climbs into the hammock of your palette and decides it will stay comfortably snug in your taste memories for months, or even years, to come ....more

The Dumpling Queen.

If the cook rolls out the dough just minutes after I place an order for Chinese dumplings, I’m sold. The coriander and lamb dumplings at Dumpling Queen were squidgy little pockets of juicy lamb and coriander, tenderly sealed shut at one silky edge of the perimeter and bunched into a moist impressionable hump at the other. Every pudgy crescent had the lovable imperfections of a handmade dumpling; a depression here, a bump there, its dough lips sealed into a soft but stern motherly smile that cautions the stuffing from tumbling out ....more

The Farmer’s Market in Dubai

I had the most refreshing experience last weekend at Jumeirah Emirates Towers. No, I’ve not done a 360 on this down-and-dusty blog and caved in to the high street. The experience I’m talking about is out on the sun-washed lawns of the hotel’s ballroom gardens ....more