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Strawberry Macaron Flower Pops

Last week, I made these Strawberry Macaron Flower Pops for someone’s house warming party....more

Smoked Salmon Blossom Appetizer with Cucumber and Herbed Cream Cheese

I have been really into the Spring time spirit lately....more

Cream White Corn Soup with Crispy Prosciutto

I grew up with creamy corn soup since I was little, did you?...more

Lemon and Strawberry Cream Sandwich Cookies

Easter is just around the corner....more

Bourbon Maple Bacon Jam

Yes, yes and yes!...more

Blackberry Lime Mimosa

Mimosa is a cocktail drink composed of one part champagne (or sparkling wine) and one part citrus fruit juice, usually orange juice....more

Whole Wheat Parmesan Crackers

Have you checked out my Homemade Strawberry Roll Up recipe yet?...more

Homemade Strawberry Roll-Ups

Fruit Roll-Ups or fruit leathers are quite popular snacks or treats here in the U.S. that the Kids are so crazy about....more

Coffee Panna Cotta with Mascarpone Cream

Is it Spring yet?...more

Basic Waffles Recipe…and Welcome to Our Home, Alice!

I finally gave in!...more