Day 95: The Cycle of Punishment

Last night, I received a private message on FB from a reader. She wrote: Hey. I know this is none of my business but why aren’t you blogging lately? ...more

Day 68: The Every-Other-Sunday-Night Woes

Sydney: Mommy? Me: Yes? Sydney: Daddy told me why you guys got a divorce ....more

Day 54: Busted

When you’re...more

Day 45: Valentine’s Day and Love and Stuff

I once lived next to a woman who was her husband’s second wife. They shared a daughter together. He also had...more

Day 42: Bears, Lies, and Single Parenting

One of the hardest things about having a high-conflict ex is the stress of...more

Day 30: Understanding More About the Narcissist

Y’all are sending me emails. And I’m...more

Day 26: Haunted

There is a Christmas tree in Jack’s living room. It’s nearly February. It’s over...more

Day 22: Right of First Refusal (Parenting Plans, Part 2) (This is an important post!)

My single biggest regret about my divorce agreement/parenting plan is, hands down, the fact that there is no provision for right of first refusal (ROFR). A section of your parenting plan should be devoted to right of first refusal, even if the section is brief. Basically, ROFR answers the question: What if it is Parent A’s time with the children and Parent A is unable to or unwilling to care for them during this time? ...more

Day 18: Something Amazing

Starting your own business is amazing. To have utter control over your decisions, good and bad, is rather intoxicating. It comes with a myriad of stressors, mind you ....more

Day 16: Separation Anxiety and Custody Battles

As parents, all of us have heard the term “separation anxiety”. When Sydney was seven months old, she screamed hysterically for an entire evening after we invited a new male friend to our apartment for dinner. When she was about...more