The Pastry Affair

Photographer, writer, and baker of all things sweet.

As a self-taught baker, my love affair with pastries began in my own kitchen. The voice behind the blog, Pastry Affair, I develop recipes for the home cook, combining a mixture of rustic, homespun flavors with honesty.

Blueberry Crumble Bread

My younger sister was married last weekend in a beautiful flora-filled, woodland-themed wedding. As the maid of honor, I spent the last couple weeks dedicated to last minute wedding planning. Along with throwing a bridal shower, my waking hours were filled with running errands, assembling welcome boxes, and crafting table decorations to minimize the stress on the bride ....more

Dulce de Leche Cake

Pastry Affair recently turned six years old. I can hardly believe it....more

Chocolate Banana Baked French Toast

The pace of life has been speeding up over the last few weeks—foot on the accelerator, engine revving, scenery blurred. As the intensity increases, the rare, fleeting moments of quiet...more

Chocolate Hazelnut Rolls

These last few weeks have been a blur of exhaustion and responsibilities. Time is lost in the small necessities of life—days pass quickly, but each week drags on in a disorienting march....more

Hazelnut Cherry Granola with Chocolate Coconut Bites

I emerged from winter hibernation with boundless energy and an inability to sit still. With the last cold days behind us—fingers crossed—I've been spending less time in the kitchen and more time out of the house. Even though I moved to the Minneapolis/St ....more

Bananas Foster Sauce

Brunch has become the way I do weekend lunch. For a girl with an early morning schedule, I would never survive the wait until actual brunch time to enjoy a towering plate of French toast. Instead, I eat when I rise and wait until the crowds have cleared around noon before reaching for the maple syrup ....more

Traditional Challah

March 20 marks the first day of spring....more

Quick Puff Pastry

As I was learning to bake, there were a number of pastries that intimidated me. The ingredients were familiar, but the techniques in which they were combined left me with a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. I avoided these sweet treats,...more

Coffee Eclairs

Pastries are my first love. When I lived in Montreal, the scents of butter and yeast swirled out onto the sidewalks, luring me into the small pâtisseries. I could rarely resist ....more

Chocolate Almond Cake

Time is the most precious commodity we possess. These words of advice have been somewhere in the back of my mind for awhile,...more