Thanksgiving Daily

"A grateful heart, then, comes through expressing gratitude to our Heavenly Father for HIs blessings and to hose around us for all that they bring into our lives. This requires conscious effort--at least until we have truly learned and cultivated an attitude of gratitude."...more

a grateful heart

Of course being the week of Thanksgiving I have thought a lot about my many blessings. I have tried to cultivate a feeling of gratitude throughout the year. But when times get hard, I don't instinctively think of all the good that is going on; I just allow myself to be miserable and do so by piling on more miserable thoughts through it all including all the things I don't have......more

dots & stripes forever

skirt: eShakti, similar here // top: thrifted // shoes: thrifted I knew when I got this skirt it was going to be awesome....more

the sweetest boy

Elijah has turned into the sweetest little boy ever!He melts my heart every single day with his incredibly loving nature{despite his seemingly abnormal amounts of high energy}Every morning, {at the crack of dawn...}, he wakes me up by crawling into bed to cuddle for a little bit [before asking for chocolate milk of course]. And if I'm ever sitting on the couch (which is all day really), he comes over and snuggles right up to me and puts my arm around him so we can snuggle.He never hesitates to give me lots of hugs, kisses, and snuggles whenever I ask[and even when I don't].When I get upset he tells me "I just want you to be happy!"Which is actually frustrating when I really am mad at his behavior...But he gets sooooo upset and concerned if I'm not happy and smiling.And on the flip side, when he sees me after school smiling at him he runs to me, gives me a big hug, and says, "Mom, you are happy??"[I feel like maybe that's a bad sign that it's a surprise that I'm actually happy...?]The other night in his new big boy bed, I cuddled with him while he tried to fall asleep and he would move his head closer so that both our heads were touching and then started tickling my arm.He sings me the Daniel Tiger "I Like You" song and then kisses me on the cheek.Today he told me,"Mom, we are friends!"...more

blue, stripes, & leopard

blazer: c/o SheInside // top: Old Navy brand, free from clothes swap :) // pants: DownEast warehouse sale // shoes: Target clearance (just last week! but maybe not on sale anymore?) // belt: from another skirt from Target // necklace: Caroline G....more

become as little children

Back in September, Adam and I were asked to give talks in church. My topic was on "The Lord Forgets Our Sins" which is honestly the hardest, most challenging, and yet most beneficial topic for me to ever have to research and talk about. As I pondered the subject a lot, I had a few ideas and moments of clarification come to me that greatly strengthened my testimony and love of the Savior....more

I still love Braologie + a sale

Remember when I was all, "I LOVE BRAOLOGIE AND IT CHANGED MY LIFE!"...more

chevron + floral = extreme pattern mixing

skirt: Target // top: c/o Persunmall // belt: my mom's // shoes: Target long time ago // necklace: Claire's long time ago [Elijah was excited to get in on the action when taking pictures this time.At least he can't tell me my clothes are embarrassing yet. :)]This outfit is pretty busy and extreme...more