How to Keep Social Media from Ruining Your Relationship

By Jeremy Raynolds We live in the era of Internet, so there is no problem to find your soul mate on Facebook, book tickets from your bed to different places in the world or to find the best assignment Australia paper writing service. Having a relationship in modern times is actually much easier said than done; and out of all the risks putting our relationships in danger, social media could be the most unexpected yet relationship-ending one. Continue reading » ...more

Tips for Staying Happily Married

Some marriages last merely days, yet others last for decades. What is the secret for a happy marriage? You might be able to find it in the following tips for staying contently married with the least amount of conflict: Learn to Talk and Confide in Each Other Above all, you must be able to communicate with your spouse without a problem ....more

Apps to Improve Your Love Life! – An Infographic

There are actually some apps out there that can actually improve your love life as shown in the below infographic which was designed following thorough research...hope you like!Continue reading » ...more

Learning The lesson of Life through Riding a Bike

By Denise Nelson Biking is a skill that parents are proud to pass on to their youngsters. Remember learning to bike? Dad was running beside you, holding on to the seat tightly as he explained steering, pedaling and braking, until you realized he was not holding on to your bike seat afterall ....more

8 Top Tips for Brides-to-Be to Get in Shape for the Big Day

So, you’ve decided to tie the knot and set the date for the big day! I bet you’re both, excited and nervous about your wedding. The huge task of planning a wedding can do that to even those with nerves of steel ....more

How to Find Your First Dance Wedding Song

This infographic on ‘How to Find Your First Dance Wedding Song’ offers helpful tips and advice about sourcing your first dance wedding song. It provides first dance song samples based on different music genres as well as gives great tips from experts in the field.Continue reading » ...more

5 Bali Destinations for Your Next Romantic Getaway

Did you know that traveling can make your relationship stronger? Apparently, research shows that couples who travel together tend to have happier and healthier relationships. Based on the findings of a recent survey commissioned by the U.S. Travel Association, traveling together offers many long-term benefits for couples ....more

Letting Go Of Things That No Longer Bring You Joy

Sometimes we hold onto things that instill no good feelings in us at all. These can be anything from material objects to emotions. We may hold onto them out of guilt, because of sentimental value or simply because we don’t know how to let them go ....more

Edible Aphrodisiacs To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Here at romance meets life, we love to share content in the areas of sex, relationships and related matters in the hope that people can learn something from it. Check out the infographic below with very helpful details about everyday aphrodisiacs to spice up your sex life.Continue reading » ...more

Infographic: Love at First Click - Is Online Dating for You?

With the increase in online dating in recent years, this infographic below detailing some of the stats, as well as the options available is very important to those wondering whether to dive in.Continue reading » ...more