The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart

Howdy! My name is Ruthie and I am a 25 year old southern wife, first time mama to Ford and lover of all things crafty. My blog chronicles my life, everything from my relationship with Jesus, the ridiculous costume parties my husband plans and learning the ropes of being a stay at home mom. In my house, we love, we hug, we live out loud, we make mistakes and make fools of ourselves. Oh, and I blog all about it!

My favorite picture of my babies

I am always changing up the decor in my house and moving around small pieces and knick knacks. I LOVE re purposing things and try to incorporate as many pictures as possible into my decor (hence why I have 2 picture walls each with about 15-20 frames). I can't get enough of Lucy's newborn photos because our photographer captured real life moments of our family of 4 rather than super staged/manipulated photos ....more

Pumpkin Dump Cake

Because it's the first day of October, you will now experience my obsession with all things pumpkin. And today I present to you the most delicious thing you will put in your mouth this fall. We've coined it 'pump dump'....not to be confused with pumping and dumping (nursing mom humor) ....more

Toddler Food Swap

Yesterday someone in my mom's group hosted a toddler food swap and it was a genius idea that I wanted to share with you guys. I know I am always in a rut when it comes to making new things for Ford to eat, especially snacks. He loves anything carby and fruit and it's hard to pack healthy things for on the go ....more

Lucy 5 months

Sweet Lucy girl is 5 months old and it feels like she's been with us forever. Month 5 has been a tiring month thanks to some sleep regression but little Miss has found her voice (and feet) and is just hilarious and adorable! Lucy has become more opinionated this month but not as stubborn as her brother, phew ....more

This and That

I am getting good at the once a week picture dump and random blog post. If you didn't catch yesterday's post, we added a new little bean to our family last week. My nephew Todd Lucas! ...more

Baby Toddy

If you follow me on Instagram you'd know that I am a proud auntie for the 2nd time! My sister had her sweet baby boy Todd Lucas last week and he is just perfect. Our family drove up to Dallas the day before her scheduled C section and I got to keep big sis Embry while mommy had him ....more

Peanut Butter Banana Bread

A banana with peanut butter is one of my favorite (and most frequent) snacks so I jumped all over this recipe! I love having homemade bread on hand for quick snacks or even as a treat after dinner. This bread didn't need much of a topping and was quite delicious served warm with butter ....more


Aye yi yi. I made myself sit down and write this post because I have been putting off posting anything for a while. I swear one baby wakes up, then the other goes down ....more

Gummee Girl

It's crazy how quickly babies grow. Yes it's cliche to say that they grow up so fast but you only have a few short months before they are moving, eating, talking, and the dreaded....teething. I remember thinking Ford was bound to get teeth at 4 months old because of the drool, chewing, and gnawing but lo and behold, he didn't get one until almost 9 months (which for an EBF mama, I was happy) ....more

Ford's First Day

Yesterday was a big day for the Hart family. Ford had his first day of Mother's Day Out Preschool! He will be going to a Christian school twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday from 9am-1pm ....more