The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart

Howdy! My name is Ruthie and I am a 25 year old southern wife, first time mama to Ford and lover of all things crafty. My blog chronicles my life, everything from my relationship with Jesus, the ridiculous costume parties my husband plans and learning the ropes of being a stay at home mom. In my house, we love, we hug, we live out loud, we make mistakes and make fools of ourselves. Oh, and I blog all about it!

Memorial Day at the Lake

Sigh, why can't all weekends be 3 days long. Think about how much happier and more productive we'd be during the 4 week days if we had 3 days of rest to look forward to? We had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend spent at my parents lakehouse on Lake LBJ in Kingsland, TX ....more

Cute summer booty

It's hot in Austin and we are taking full advantage of our backyard getting afternoon shade and spending time playing in the water. We are on year 3 of using this splash pad (our 2nd one, Jon popped one lasts year) and I haven't even showed Ford that we have this pool/slide for this summer, we are going to get it out this weekend. Lucy is such a funny girl ....more


Because a brave woman will choose LIFE, our family will grow by one sweet baby, hopefully in the next couple of months. Our future birth mother is selflessly choosing to carry this baby, despite that the world may tell her the baby is unwanted, and courageously choose adoption over abortion. More than ever, mine and Jon's hearts have been stirred towards speak out about our belief that God created each human life distinctly in His image and that life starts at conception ....more

A Very Meaty Mother's Day

....I know you are thinking to yourself, what on earth is this post about and I promise I will get to it!This week Jon has asked me a few times how I want to celebrate Mother's Day this weekend. Man that's a toughie. Some days I want nothing more than to escape for the day and get pampered and be alone reading a magazine without the buzzing of a monitor or something saying mommy mommy 100000 times and some days I want nothing more than to be on the floor rolling around with them, playing restaurant, and playing hide and go seek ....more

Sleepless in Seattle

That was the only title I could think of. I know it's cheesy and it doesn't at all describe our time in Seattle. More like lots of sleep and gluttony in Seattle ....more

Lucy 1st Year Videos

Below you will find two videos, the top one is Lucy's Project 365 video and the bottom is a compilation of videos I took her first year of life. I hope they bring you as much joy as they do for us! ...more

Strawberry Picking

My sister and her kiddos were in town last weekend for Lucy's birthday party and extended their stay into this week. Ever since my sister had Embry 3.5 years ago, we've been talking and planning to go to Sweet Berry Farms to go strawberry picking. My parents have a lakehouse nearby in Kingsland so we had seen it many times before and took the babies to there last fall for pumpkins and fall fun ....more

Lucy 12 months

Yesterday our Lucy Joy turned 12 months old! Hard to believe that one whole year has gone by since she came out at a tiny (to us) 7lbs 6oz, looking like the sweetest most feminine version of her big brother. Lucy's life started out so blissfully ....more

Lucy Joy Is One!

As of 8:21am this morning, our sweet Lucy girl is 1 year old. From a 7lb 6oz little peanut to a spunky, sassy, smiley tiny little lady. God knew that our family needed a little Lucy ....more

Lucy's 1st Birthday Party

It's hard to believe that in just 2 days, our Lucy girl will be 1 year old. We had the best weekend celebrating our girl with family and friends, it couldn't have been sweeter. The whole day I just felt relaxed and joyful, knowing how many people love and care for our girl and our family just makes me heart feel so full and happy ....more