Holiday Blues

This time of year can be stressful. All the shopping, parties, cooking, cleaning, etc. can really get you down. Not to mention the unrealistic expectations, family tension and financial strain.   Here are a few things you can try to make yourself feel better: Volunteer some time to help others Set a budget and stick to [...] ...more

Yellow Sky

I’ve never been the you can’t play with playdough because it’s too messy or the don’t mix the colors when you’re painting kind of Mom. Here’s why: I still remember the day in my high school painting class when my art teacher told me I should change the sky in my piece. He said that [...] ...more

Thanksgiving Recipe – Maple Glazed Apple & Sweet Potato Gratin

The Thanksgiving shopping and prepping officially started in our house this weekend. We’re cooking for thirteen this year so please wish me luck!Ingredients ...more

Taking Time Off

It is hard to take time off from work. I mean really take time off, like not checking or replying to any emails. Whenever I take a few days and then go back, my inbox is overflowing and I get really overwhelmed. The de-stressing of some time off goes right out the window ....more

Getting Back on Track

I have been horrible about writing here lately. I started a new job in April and it has taken up a lot of my time. Whenever you start something new it takes a while to learn everything you need to and to get used to a different routine ....more

Operation Home Organization – Bathrooms

Too much stuff and not enough storage? Here are some ideas for organizing your bathrooms.Get rid of any outdated medications and expired makeup. Organic makeup doesn’t last as long, so pay special attention it.Use hooks to hold family member’s towels ...more

Great Event Alert – Portland, Maine

Tuesday, August 14th 3:45 PM New price $99!! Portion of proceeds to benefit Cystic Fibrosis Foundation ...more

Fine Art Friday – Michael O’Briant

Michael O’Briant currently lives in Chicago and received a BFA from East Carolina University and a MFA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Inspired by medieval paintings, Michael uses gold leaf in his work for its reflective qualities ....more

Healthy Veggie Snacks for Kids

Here are a couple of delicious recipes for healthy kids snacks using vegetables that you can find in your garden or at your local farmers market right now. They are from Heidi Diller, registered dietician and nutritionist for Albertsons ....more

Celebrating Olympics with Kids

The 2012 summer Olympics are taking place in London, England July 27th through August 12th. The events feature twenty six sports including swimming, basketball, track and field, cycling and gymnastics. Two hundred countries have at least one athlete competing in the games ....more