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10 Ways to Make Handwriting Practice Fun

Julie is a homeschool handwriting wizard. ...more

American Folktales and Tall Tales for Kids

My sons, my youngest especially, adore folktales. And really, that is not surprising. Folklore and fables...more

11 Books for 11 Year Olds

It started with 8 books for 8 year olds, and now we are on to 11 books for 11 year olds! My how time flies. This is a book list of titles my son has recently read and to which he has given the thumbs up ....more

The Tricky Tricky Peg Solitaire Triangle Game

While cleaning out the games closet I game across a wooden peg solitaire triangle game. It’s a classic logic game, but some of the pegs were missing so the remaining parts were a bit useless. I knew immediately, however, that I cold design a peg game that would not take up precious space in our tiny closet AND would keep my kids busy! ...more

Game of the Month: Castle Logix

We’ve had Castle Logix for more than 7 years now, and somehow it has escaped being featured as a game of the month. Oversight corrected! (Note: this post contains affiliate links) How to play: Castle Logix...more

Books for Kids Who Like Little House on the Prairie

I have a confession: I have never read the Little House books to my sons. I did start Farmer Boy one summer, but they were so disturbed by the whipping in the first chapter that we put it down and never returned to it. As a kid I loved Laura Ingalls Wilder’s...more

Mobius Strip Hearts: A Valentine for Math Nerds

How do you express love on valentine’s day in the most nerdy way possible? You make...more

Social Justice Books for Kids to Teach about Global Issues

I’ve always strived to make my book lists useful for parents, especially when they want to talk to their kids about important topics. Social justice, whether it be environmental, political, gender oriented, or economic is a crucial subject and we must discuss it with our children is we want them to grow up to be compassionate global citizens. I’ve gathered a list of social justice books for kids that address a variety of global issues, but of course the troubles around the world are endless ....more

A Waddle of Penguins Coloring Page

Did you know a group of penguins is called a waddle? In truth, it is more commonly known as a “rookery” or a “colony”, but a “waddle of penguins” sounds much cuter, don’t you think? A group of penguins in the water is known as a “raft of penguins.” And so I come to the point: print out this waddle of penguins coloring page for your learning unit on penguins! ...more

Fun Indoor Games for Kids When they are Stuck Inside

Because we live in an apartment and I cannot shoo the kids out the door at a moment’s notice, my kids and I have become experts in finding and playing fun indoor games for kids. I have a gigantic list of indoor activities for kids, but it is such an extensive list it can get overwhelming fairly quickly. I’ve curated some of the best indoor games below, our own as well as some fun games for kids from other sites ....more