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I blog about kids' books and playful learning activities for families.

8 Science YouTube Channels for Kids

Although our DIY summer science camp has been primarily hands on, and we are a mostly screen-free home, I thought I’d let you in on a little secret. Sometimes we watch a few educational YouTube videos. Obviously I am a great advocate of books, but there are a lot of terrific...more

Favorite Children’s Books of the Year (so far)

I love to keep on top of the new children’s books that are published every year. My library hold list is usually filled with books that are still “on order”. For the past few years I’ve shared our favorite picture...more

The Pulley: Simple Machine Project

Engineering is a big part of science, so a simple machine project with my 5 year old was the perfect addition to our DIY summer science camp. I had originally planned an afternoon of building with a bag full of goodies to inspire tinkering, but it turned into a playful session with a pulley. The pulley is one of the 6 simple machines ....more

Simple Play Activity: Throw Rocks

Simple nature play is sometimes the most entertaining things my kids can do. Remember when my kids were fascinated for hours with thin ice? Even messing about with acorns keeps their attention ....more

Easy Reader Books That Are Actually Easy

Do you have an emerging reader? Have you ever noticed how many of the so-called...more

DIY Simple Kids’ Science Lab

Summer science camp continues with a simple at home science lab that I set up one afternoon to keep my 5 year old busy. This idea is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners but even older kids will love to explore the chemistry of mixing different household items they find in the kitchen. The idea behind this lab is to let kids have a little free play with mixing up concoctions ....more

8 Reasons Why Mom (That’s Me!) Loves Pokémon

Both of my boy are really into Pokémon. Sometimes it takes me a while to come around kid products that are clearly designed to keep you buying more, but the other day, while they were playing...more

Handmade Mini Bookmarks (and Books About Reading)

I don’t collect many things (who has the space?) but I do love my collection of bookmarks. Bookmarks are also a simple craft that you can do with kids. It’s quick (always a plus with my active boys) and they can be put to use, unlike a lot of crafts which just sort of lay around, collecting dust ....more

Beach Coloring Page

I love how our...more