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Map Science with a Homemade Compass

If there’s one thing my older son adores (besides birds), it is maps. Mapping and geography are passions of his so I knew he would love to learn how to make a homemade compass for the...more

Math Art with a Möbius Strip

Have you ever made a Möbius strip? We’ve made simple ones before as part of our...more

Solar Oven S’mores {Summer Science Camp}

Welcome to week 2 of DIY...more

14 Children’s Books that Challenge Gender Stereotypes

Books should reflect a diversity of children’s...more

14 Chapter Books about the Theater

I loved reading the theater-themed books for this list! ...more

Star Wars Craft: Clone Trooper Paper Dolls

How do you get a non-crafty 5 year old boy to start creating? In case the answer isn’t totally obvious, you make a Star Wars craft, of course! In this case, we made Star Wars paper dolls ....more

Circus Coloring Page

This circus coloring page from children’s book author and illustrator, Melanie Hope Greenberg, is her latest contribution to our monthly series of free, printable coloring sheets. ...more