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Emily Guy Birken is a freelance writer, a stay-at-home-mom, and a recovering English teacher. She lives in Lafayette, Indiana with her mechanical engineer husband and toddler son. Her musings on life and parenting can be found at The SAHMnambulist. She also blogs about the funny side of money at Live Like a Mensch.

13 Minutes to Midnight on September 13

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August 31 at 6:17 am

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Gillian Anderson as Bond Is Just Like Heaven

Earlier this week, fans jumped on the idea of casting Gillian Anderson as the next Bond. Whether she would be Jane Bond, Dana Bond (my personal suggestion as a nice hat tip to the series that made her a star), or James Bond, since the only reason James is a masculine name is because we have decided it is so, I have never been so excited about a pop culture rumor in my life. Just considering Ms ...more

The Structure of Insomnia

There are four acts to a sleepless night. During Act I, you still feel a sense of calm and optimism. Sure, you have not been able to fall asleep in your first 10, 20, 45, 90 minutes of lying in bed, staring at your ceiling fan as it squeaks through its endless air-stirring repetitions ....more

Passover, Prince, and Immortality

By Scott Penner (Flickr: Prince) via Wikimedia Commons We lost another immortal yesterday. Another icon of my MTV childhood gone far too soon. He joins Bowie in making 2016 a damn hard year for music ....more

Opus and the Great Green Room

LO and BB tend to cycle through favorite books. For a long while, LO requested Katy and the Big Snow every night. Some weeks, it's The Cat in the Hat ....more

August 31 and September 13

August 31 at 6:17 am 2015...more

Picture Day

Yesterday was picture day at the boys' school. I have long since given up on trying to dress the children up for their school pictures, as you can see from LO's terrible 2013 photo shoot. (To be fair, I gave birth that day, but still) ....more

When the Ground Refuses to Swallow You Up

BB here is a lover of life. He is a generally happy guy who is delighted to join in any activity life throws at him. For instance, when we dropped LO off at Sunday school this past Sunday, BB (who is too young by a good 13 months for the three-year-old class, let alone LO's K/1 class) followed the group into the classroom, pulled out a chair to sit, and looked up as if to say, "All right, ...more

Roughing It

For years, J has been lobbying for us to do more camping. One of the reasons why he bought his current vehicle, a 2006 Honda Element, was because it would be ideal for car camping. Pictured: Not J's car ....more