Adventures in Crazy

Mom, wife, reader, writer, wannabe photographer. I love reading blogs, but I really love writing my blog about the inherent craziness in raising three kids. Join me on my journey.

A Slave to Sickness

So, it turns out my kids can even fight about being sick. “I have the highest temperature!” “Your throat doesn’t hurt as bad as mine does.” “You’re just pretending because you don’t want to go to school!” “I get more medicine than you do.” I have tried to play this to my advantage. “Your sister didn’t cry when I asked her to take Mucinex!” “For God’s sake, why can’t you just blow your nose like your brother.” “Your brothers say the throat swab didn’t hurt!” They have also used sickness for an excuse to be even bigger slobs than they already are ....more

Staring at My Christmas Tree

I am in my sitting room, if that’s what the room with no real purpose is to be called, staring at my Christmas tree, wasting my time on my computer, researching things such as botox, because, yes, I am sick of my frown lines, but of course, too chicken to do something about it. This is how things looked two weeks, ago. Merry Christmas ....more

Body vs. the Brain

In the battle of the body vs. brain, my middle son’s body finally won a round, yesterday. He slept until seven o’clock in the morning, which in our house, is waking up late, a rare occurrence ....more

Let’s Talk About Thanksgiving

Let’s talk about Thanksgiving, because that’s how we roll around here. While the over achievers of the world started blogging about Thanksgiving the day after Halloween or possibly sooner, I like to wait until the holiday is over, it makes my post so much more...more

Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde Gets Ready for School

My daughter seems to be suffering from a personality disorder when it comes to getting ready for school. It rears its ugly head in the morning, and, hopefully (fingers double crossed), is not an indication of what her teen years will bring. Every morning with her is an ordeal ....more

Another Birthday

Holy Moly! Time is a flying! My beautiful, compassionate, smart, talented boy turned eleven, last week ....more

The Story of the Mismatched Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of those things that you don’t notice until something goes terrible wrong. I’ve got good eyebrows, which my mom says I got from my grandma. Not as good as my daughter’s (see below), but pretty good, nonetheless....more

Helloween aka Halloween

No, that’s not a typo, that’s how I feel about Halloween, or as I like to call it Helloween. I know some people really get into the whole Halloween thing, but me, I’m not a fan. Halloween has always been just ok for me ....more


Check out these candles! The flame burns the same color as the candle. Fall is a busy time of year for almost all moms ....more

The Devil is in the Details

I love a good Groupon or Living Social offer. I’ve purchased Groupons for massages, go-kart racing, museum tickets, and New Balance sneakers. I found a cleaning service and tickets to the Cirque on Living Social ....more