Home Sweet Houston

We had a chance to go down to Houston to check out our house there and swim in the pool. Road Trip! Houston and Amarillo are soooooo veeeery faaaaaaar apart, even though they are in the same state ....more

A Brush with Art (Part II)

Remember when I took everyone to paint pottery for Nana's Birthday?Everything is all finished now, and I went back to pick them all up!Here is the coffee mug that I am sending to my Mom:...and of course, the back of it:Here is the cross that Connor painted: Lex's General Angry Pig looks pretty good:...here is his little pig butt:And last but not least, here is the little guy that Nana painted:Very cute. ...more

Swim Lessons: Jumping In

Usually the boys have their swim lessons in the training pool, which is shallow and warm. ...more

Homeschool Field Day

Our local homeschool group organized a field day for the elementary-aged homeschoolers, with the high-school aged homeschoolers helping to run the events. ...more

Swimming with Nana & Grandpa

Nana and Grandpa were only too happy to take advantage of the beautiful Texas sun to enjoy our pool while they were visiting. ...more

A Brush With Art

I took Nana and company to the local paint-your-own-pottery place for her birthday. ...more

Happy Birthday, Dear Nana!

While Nana was visiting us, she had a birthday, and we were very happy to be able to celebrate with her. Nana and Connor and Lex on Her Birthday First Lex insisted that we turn all the lights in the house off before we started singing.Then, he hovered very close to the cake while we sang Happy Birthday.Of course, he blew the candle out for Nana before we even finished the song. ...more

In which Nana & Grandpa come to visit!

We were very happy to have Nana and Grandpa come to visit us, and only one day after Grandma Ella and Papa Kirk left! ...more

Swim Lessons: Week 4 Update

The boys are currently taking their fourth week of swim lessons. ...more