This is the end of the innocence.

Mia rocked her last week of elementary school. She won another art show, got outstanding 5th grade band student, was the hit of the invention fair, and found out she gets to play Dorothy this summer in the Wizard of Oz. Not a bad way to go out....more

This kid is actually saving me money

It's kind of awesome when your kid can create gifts for people so you don't have to buy them. I plan to use her artistic abilities for my own personal gain for a very long time....more

Marathons and children will be the death of me.

Being a runner is a lot like being a parent. It takes up all of your time, you sometimes hate it but you would never admit that to anyone, and once you get yourself into it there is really no way out. You are filthy and smelly all the time and there is no point in wearing makeup ....more

What I do on prednisone.

I certainly don't sleep....more

The most adorable, sexist play I've ever seen

Bode was in the 2nd grade musical this week. He and his bros were roosters. Their only job was to heckle the "cute chicks."...more

What's happened the last 26 days:

I'm sure you've all been wondering (Mom). Well, first off chocolate....more

You don't have to read when your sister does it for you.

This is how you get out of trouble....more

Second place really is first loser.

These sweet babies got second place in their post-season tournament this weekend. They were all bawling, because second place stinks. Really, it does ....more

And the winner is...

Mia accidentally missed her own art show (When Disney calls, we answer). Thankfully, a friend went and noticed that Mia won Outstanding Youth Impressionist....more

I say a little prayer every time I open Bode's backpack.

Because I find things like this: And this (He dreams big. I believe this has something to do with having to be a certain height to ride things at Disney World): And finally, this little nugget: I'm certain his sister hasn't seen this as I have not heard the indignant screaming....yet ....more