Here We Go Again

I'm a stay at home mom and I blog every day (or more!) at Here We Go Again.  I have a husband, a daughter, and two dogs.  We'd have more kids by now if we were better at that.  I like chocolate and books and I no longer drink anything caffeinated.  I use the internet to keep myself awake instead. 

Ryan’s Fourth Birthday 

Today’s Ryan’s fourth birthday. He spent the whole day saying “I in charge of my birthday” and I basically let him do whatever he wanted all day. He was a fan....more

Baby Proofing the Pantry Door

Our pantry has those accordion style doors that slide back and forth on tracks. (I know what they are called, but can I remember right now? No ....more

See Them

Elizabeth carpools to school with the neighbor. (And it is so wonderful for me. They only have one kid and they were taking her anyway, so her mom offered to just let Elizabeth ride with them and now I don’t have to wake up Ryan and Alex every morning ....more

‘Prise, Aww Dister!

Chalk this one up to something I am writing about because I want to remember it, but perhaps you will enjoy the story too....more

House Tour- Ryan’s Bedroom 

We finally start up some house tour again. Next door to Alex’s nursery is Ryan’s bedroom. He has the smallest room in the house, mostly because when we moved in, no one lived in it....more


It took all day but they fixed it and my house is cool again. I just looked at the temperatures in my house control app thing just to see them below 80. Because it hasn’t been below 80 in here for three weeks....more

Still Hot

The parts for the air conditioning took so much longer than they said and it still isn’t fixed. It’s not a lot hotter than it was when it first broke (we average about 83) but I am Over It. I’m so cranky about it and I am getting the bare minimum of work done in […] Related Posts: Hot...more


The baby is starting to say words fairly often now. She has a little stuffed dog that she likes to carry around and as we are super creative namers around here, we all call it Puppy. Earlier this week, the baby handed it to me with a very clear “puppa!” So now the stuffed dog […] Related Posts: Elizabeth, Child Therapist Ahh Dister Feeding Therapy...more

Friday Night Leftovers- Hurricane Edition 

•We had a hurricane. By the time it got to us, it wasn’t a big deal at all. The rain and storm woke me up about 5:30am but no damage, no problems....more