Here We Go Again

I'm a stay at home mom and I blog every day (or more!) at Here We Go Again.  I have a husband, a daughter, and two dogs.  We'd have more kids by now if we were better at that.  I like chocolate and books and I no longer drink anything caffeinated.  I use the internet to keep myself awake instead. 

Go Time

So! This week looks like a good week to have a baby, yes? My doctors have decided that it is go time ....more

Friday Night Leftovers- 3rd of July Edition 

•Elizabeth loved camp. She fed a bunch of animals (just today, she fed a shark, stingrays, and alligators), petted a penguin named Penny, stroked a dolphin named Aurora on the tail and got splashed with sea water and basically did a bunch of stuff that made me jealous. They also rode all the rides and […] Related Posts: Camp Girl Friday Night Leftovers- Summer Edition Friday Night Leftovers- Bunny Edition Friday Night Leftovers- End of School Edition Friday Night Leftovers- Small Talk Edition ...more

Seriously, Buddy? 

We got the minivan washed and detailed. And seriously detailed, like they removed the seats and shampooed all the upholstery and basically it looks almost new. I had to move all the car seats around to make room for baby sister and since I was taking the car seats out, I might as well wash […] Related Posts: Pastries Juuuuice Age Two Car Seat Latch Update Friday Night Leftovers- Random Cleaning Tidbits Apparently ...more

Hot Help Car

Last week, we had a terribly loud thunderstorm. There was a particularly loud crack of thunder and then we lost power. I found out later that lightning hit a crane in the subdivision next to ours ....more

Wake Up

We’ve been so busy lately that I keep having to wake my children up to be on time for things. ...more

Camp Girl

Elizabeth had her first day of camp today. We are season passholders at Sea World (and basically all the other theme parks around here) and a couple of months ago, we got an email about this week of camp being discounted for passholders. Since Elizabeth still plans on being a mermaid when she grows up, […] Related Posts: Tennis Camp Friday Night Leftovers- Summer Edition Friday Night Leftovers- End of School Edition School Award Ceremony...more

Cast Iron Skillet Deep Dish Pizza

You guys. This is so good. I am not the biggest pizza fan in the world- generally I can take it or leave it ....more

But, Mom!

When I tell the children not to do something, they often offer me an explanation like it is going to make me totally change my mind and allow them to do whatever it is I’ve just told them to quit....more

A Rose by Any Other Name 

We still have no name for this baby. Elizabeth has solved this problem for us by suggesting (this has been her suggestion from the beginning in fact) that we simply name the baby after her- Elizabeth Two. She’ll also allow Elizabeth Junior, but she prefers Elizabeth Two....more

Where Did the Time Go? 

At the end of last week, Ryan had about a day and a half of fever that never went anywhere. He never got very sick at all, just a little extra warmth. I gave him some ibuprofen and he was basically fine....more