Here We Go Again

I'm a stay at home mom and I blog every day (or more!) at Here We Go Again.  I have a husband, a daughter, and two dogs.  We'd have more kids by now if we were better at that.  I like chocolate and books and I no longer drink anything caffeinated.  I use the internet to keep myself awake instead. 

Tag Team Bus Stop Parenting

This afternoon when I picked Elizabeth up at the bus stop after school, one of the other parents wasn’t quite there yet. His kindergartener knows me so she waited with us while she waited for him to get there. Since it was really windy, I opened the car up and let them all climb in […] Related Posts: Friday Night Leftovers- School Bus Edition...more

Friday Night Leftovers

•I finally got Ryan a haircut today. Since his hair is so curly, he can go a long time between cuts and this was only about his fourth haircut ever. It’s definitely a little too short ....more


I hate getting behind on things. I like everything to run in an orderly fashion, mostly the same as it always does. We’ve been in a time of transition this last week, plus still getting caught up on everything from our extended Christmas ....more

Feeding Therapy 

Ryan basically only eats crackers and air. His speech therapist is also a feeding therapist two days a week so I asked her recently what she thought about Ryan’s eating habits. She suggested that I bring his breakfast to his speech appointment and she would check it out while simultaneously working on his speech goals ....more

Sleeping Dibits

I still thoroughly enjoy going into Elizabeth’s room after she falls asleep and taking pictures of her. You see, I can take a good picture because she sleeps with her overhead light on....more


I am in the middle of my occasional Great Food Clear Out. I am not buying any main course things at the grocery store and I am trying to feed us from the fridge, freezer, and pantry as much as possible. I do this periodically (and always before we move, which we are not doing […] Related Posts: Fast Dinner Idea Easy Taco Soup Recipe Why Breastfeeding is Not Free...more

Saturday Night Leftovers 

•I stayed up too late last night doing chores so you get last night’s post tonight....more

Thomas at Bedtime

Ryan very much likes Thomas the Tank Engine and Matt and I were discussing taking him to see the “real” Thomas the next time it comes to town. We asked Ryan if he wanted to go (“yesssss”) and if he wanted to go with just Mama or Daddy or if he wanted his sisters and […] Related Posts: Halloween 2015 Costumes I Ryan RYAN Update Baby Dister, Walk!...more

Picture Day Wednesday 

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Illness Gadgets

Right around bedtime tonight, Ryan laid himself down on the floor of the baby’s room and said “I tired.” This wasn’t totally unexpected because he is kind of dropping his nap and hadn’t had one in a few days. But then I picked him up and he was all hot. He had a temperature of […] Related Posts: Friday Night Leftovers- PSA Edition Where Did the Time Go?...more