Stone Mattress by Margaret Atwood: Review

The Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast recently aired an episode titled Women of a Certain Age. Part of the show discussed how women are pushed aside as they age. No one wants to listen to the opinions of an older woman ....more

Media Madness Monday: The Craft

With Halloween on Friday, I picked an old favorite for a rewatch over the weekend. The Craft, yes, The Craft. I have so many feelings about The Craft ....more

Nightmare at 20000 Feet by Richard Matheson: Review

Well, that was disturbing. Back in October 2008, I read I Am Legend by Richard Matheson, a novella that really impressed me. Now in October 2014, I’m revisiting Matheson through the audiobook collection Nightmare at 20000 Feet ....more

Evil Book Bloggers: Everything You Heard Is TRUE!

First things first, just like Canadians, all book bloggers know one another (Shout out to all the Bobs in Saskatchewan!). We are all part of a Super Secret Society and have monthly meetings. A virgin is sacrificed ....more

Shock-tober: Good Lady Ducayne

I actually paid cash money for this audiobook ($1.95 on iTunes). Spoilers, but really there are no surprises here. Bella (another Bella in a vampire story!) Rolleston is just poor girl, she needs your sympathy ....more

Start Me Up: Readathon

Grrrrrrrrr…..I need coffeeeeeeeeeeee…. I’m awake. It’s time to get the readathon started ....more

Readathon Crasher: Readathon Oct 2014

I hemmed and hawed but when I saw all the excitement about the 24 Hour Readathon happening on Twitter, I finally decided to join in. I’m super late, a party crasher, really, but I couldn’t resist. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy anyway, the perfect weather for reading ....more

Shock-tober: Aurora Floyd

Successful banker, Archibald Floyd, owner of Floyd, Floyd, and Floyd, surprises everyone when after decades of bachelorhood, he marries a mediocre actress by the name of Eliza Prodder. They have a happy year together until she up and dies, leaving Archibald to raise their only child, Aurora, alone. Aurora, with “black eyes and blue-black hair,” is doted upon by her father, he lets her live a wild country life with horses and dogs as companions ....more

Media Madness Monday: Mid-season Outlander Madness

I'm a media junkie, not just books, but TV, movies, music, podcasts, and internet nonsense. Every Monday I discuss something that's caught my interest this past week. On the TV Outlander The mid-season finale (“mid-season” BS) aired last night and now I must wait until Whenever for Outlander to return ....more

Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Happy Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow is the big day! Turkey Day! We have pumpkin pies made ....more