Knock! Knock! It's...The Couple Next Door

New parents, Anne and Marco Conti, attend a dinner party at the neighbour's house. Anne nervously watches the clock. She's not having a great time ....more

A Tinge of Sadness: All the Things We Leave Behind

Seventeen year old Violet is on her own in the summer of 1977. Her parents are on a road trip, following the trail her older brother, Bliss, took after he left home shortly after his graduation. Violet is responsible for the running of the family business, an antique shop in a big, purple barn, until they return.The day to day running of the shop isn't too difficult ....more

Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Mastering the Margarita

First things first, I'm joining Alice's The Master and Margarita Readalong. I know there are no margaritas in this book, but I won't be happy until I make one during this readalong. (Alice thought there were ships involved so we're all confused.) My copy has a sinister looking cat on the cover ....more

Behold the Review! Behold the Dreamers

Behold the Dreamers asks: what would you do to obtain the American Dream? Compromise your values? Your health? ...more

So Long August, Hello September

Another September. I'm glad to see August go. August had some not great moments ....more

The Most Spooky Time of the Year: RIP XI Challenge

Yay! It's back! Carl's R(eaders) I(mbibing) P(eril) Challenge XI ....more

Book Thoughts: Book Connections

Do you ever read a book and are amazed at how it connects to another totally unrelated book you've read?This happened to me while I was reading The Gene. There is a section in the book discussing sexuality and the search for the "gay gene." The author, in explaining outdated ideas about homosexuality, references a book written by a psychiatrist in the 1960s in which that author "proposed that male homosexuality was caused by the distorted dynamics of the family" in particular a smothering mother* and distant father. This antiquated idea immediately made me think of Strangers on a Train which I read earlier this year.In Strangers on a Train by Patricia Highsmith, a man decides to murder the wife of a stranger he just met on the train ....more

The Stuff We're Made Of: The Gene

Genetics fascinates me. Just looking at family photos makes me wonder why does so-and-so look more like this ancestor than that one? Why did I end up with this nose? ...more

Lazy Sunday Thoughts: A Weird Week and a Sad Goodbye

This has been a weird week.After a run of bad luck (including stepping on a nail), I was called back to work. Yay, money! I'm trying to get my ducks in a row before I start working ....more

Hello August!

I realize it's the middle of August and I'm just saying hello to it now.Summer has been busy and full of distractions. I have started around 5 books since the summer began and I'm in various stages of reading them. Usually when I get like this I can listen to audiobooks but even with those I have a hard time concentrating ....more