Christmas 2013: (More Than) Slightly Belated

Even though things were crazy this holiday season with a wee Wesley, lots of stuff going on at work for Tim and I and the regular hectic day-to-day stuff, we made sure to get in plenty of holiday events, observances and traditions. I felt like the whole month of December was a blur (we even celebrated Tim's 45th birthday during the holiday craziness!), but we definitely created memories and had a lot of fun.It was Wesley's first Christmas, so that was fun, but it was also the first year that Elle really "got" what was going on. This was good in that she started to ask questions about Jesus' birthday and got excited about all of the stuff going on, but bad in that she decided that Santa was bringing her pretty much every toy ever for Christmas ....more

A girl and her Helper Tower

This post is way overdue, but the bonus of that is that I've been able to add more photos, so let's just call it a win, OK?Sometime in 2012 I read this blog post and got to thinking about how I'd love for Elle to have a Helper Tower. I tried to think about anyone I knew that might be able to build it, and I contacted a mommy friend from one of our mommy/baby groups - her husband is a carpenter and I wanted to know if he thought this was something he could do. While I totally think he'd do a great job, the price he quoted was much more than the retail price of the tower ....more

2013 family photos

I am (obviously) eons behind in my blogging, but I do want to make sure I highlight some of the bigger moments of the last few months when my posting wasn't very plentiful.We had family photos taken in late October by Regina of Regina Peterson Photography. I highly recommend her if you're in the Bradenton/Sarasota area. I loved the park we were at because there was a lot of greenery but it was also right on the water.Tim thought having photos taken just a few short months after Wesley's newborn photos was overkill, but Wesley had changed a lot in those first three months, and I was thankful to have updated family photos for our Christmas card and gifts ....more

A sibling splash

There's several reasons why the blog has been nearly silent over the last nine months. I'd like to address two of those reasons: Elle and Wesley.While they're part of why I haven't blogged as much lately, they're the two biggest reasons why I am determined to get some key posts up - from an update on what Elle's been up to lately to a roundup of what we did at Christmas this year (I never said the posts were timely!), I have always used this space as a diary/scrapbook of sorts. And I hate that there are already gaps in the short history of my little family.I wanted to capture a pivotal moment from last weekend before it escaped me ....more

A belated letter to my son

Dear Wesley,It has been a while since I wrote to you. For that, I sincerely apologize....more

Wesley's eight-month stats

Once again, a belated post, and I don't have official stats, but ... Estimated weight: 22 pounds (!?!) Current developments include sitting up and clapping. He went from no balance to nearly professional sitter in just a few days time ....more

Wesley's seven-month stats

Once again, a belated post, and this time I don't have stats to add - we don't have a well-baby visit scheduled until nine months, and I didn't even try to get a rough estimate on his height or weight. Current developments include eating solid food! We're doing baby-led weaning again, and so far Wesley has been open to trying anything and everything ....more

Elle says the darnedest things ... (v. 7)

I have been collecting these for a while now ... last weekend, though, pretty much every other thing that Elle said was hilarious and quotable, and I found myself jotting down A LOT of funny stuff. I think we're definitely at an age where the conversations are going to be memorable and the insights priceless :) Tim left to return to work after his dinner break.E: "Where did Hon go?"E: "The good news is Wesley is not crying ....more

Wesley's six-month stats

Stats from four days after he turned six months, post from several weeks later because Mommy's blogging time/motivation is sorely lacking: Completely uncooperative and destructive. ...more

Breastfeeding, round II

Going in to my second pregnancy, I had no doubt that I would breastfeed. I knew it might not be easy, but I'm stubborn and figured I'd hope for the best. I decided I'd aim for the one-year mark again and hoped to follow a course similar to my breastfeeding journey with Elle.Within days of Wesley's birth, however, I wondered if I was putting too much pressure on myself (it would not be the first time, and I'll admit right now that breastfeeding Elle for 13 months is a huge source of pride for me - I was definitely holding myself to those same standards with Wesley) ....more