Projects By Jane

I am a full-time mom to 2 teenagers and making bags is what keep me happy and sane. I keep a journal of my journey through bag-making. Every bag I make has a story. I sell my bags at craft markets and I document my experience in my blog. Every craft market has a story. End 2011, I became a indie bag designer selling my bag patterns. It has been my dream and now I'm living it.

Crochet Beanie

I took time off from my very busy schedule and made a crochet beanie for my little Hujoo doll, Neve. I'm not an expert in crochet and I don't know any fancy crochet stitches. But I managed to wing a red beanie ....more

Payhip hip hurray

Hi guys,Previously (here), I wrote about how I sell digital downloads on my blog. Honestly, I'm very happy with ejunkie. The price and service is great ....more

Eat to live

I'll admit it. I'm very fussy about food. For as long as I can remember, eating has always been a necessity ....more

The Mystery of Multiple Opening of Firefox Windows

Dear folks,It's only Week 1 of 2015 and since Monday I have been slowly going insane. I use Firefox browser and on Monday, it started going mad. There were two problems ....more

Farewell 2014

Hello 2015,Guys, what were your thoughts on the last days of 2014?Are you sad to leave 2014? I'm very happy to leave 2014 behind. It's not that 2014 was not a good year for me ....more

Patterns To Print

Guys, I have some news. I have a new reseller, which will stock all my bag patterns. Patterns To Print is a UK based site owned by Samantha of Mrs H fame ....more

Anyone watched The Missing?

Anyone watched The Missing? It's a 8 part British drama TV series and it's about an English couple who lost their 5-year old son, Olly while holidaying in Chalons De Bois, France. via When my kids were little, I lost both of them once for a few minutes ....more

Catch Up With Me?

Yo guys,How's everyone doing? We've been enjoying the long school vacation since November. Sadly on 2nd Jan, the kids go back to school and I have to wake up at 6am again ....more

The Urgent Run and UN World Toilet Day 2014

The rain gods spared us. Last night there was a heavy downpour. I thought there's a chance this morning's Urgent Run might be cancelled ....more

New shorts for Melly, Mell-chan doll

Folks, I complain a lot about Singapore weather. Lately it's been worse. Rain, haze, humidity ....more