Projects By Jane

I am a full-time mom to 2 teenagers and making bags is what keep me happy and sane. I keep a journal of my journey through bag-making. Every bag I make has a story. I sell my bags at craft markets and I document my experience in my blog. Every craft market has a story. End 2011, I became a indie bag designer selling my bag patterns. It has been my dream and now I'm living it.

I climbed Mount One Raffles Place

When hubs is at work, sometimes we email or text each other. Usually it's something short, and from him it would usually be something like this:- what did you eat for dinner. (he likes to know what we eat for dinner) - have you seen my key? ...more

My tennis elbow

You know I had been bitching about my hurting right arm? Well, I let it get really bad before I went to see the doctor. It was very poor judgement ....more

How old is your face?

It's been about 3 weeks and my arm/elbow is still sore. I think years of knocking into door knobs, doors and walls plus poor computer/mouse habit has really taken its toll on my right arm. Plus the small amount of weights I do at my cardiomix class could have contributed ....more

Tatting elbow

Hey folks,Ever since I caught tatting fever last weekend, I had been tatting up a storm. Tatting for me comes and goes. Sometimes I even forget tatting exists ....more

If you drink...

Folks,Hands up those of you who drink. And how much do you drink?One glass a day? Okay.Two? ...more

Tatted Pendant

Last night I shared this tatting-in-progress pic on my Instagram (projectsbyjane). Now I know me well. Many of my in-progress work end up forever in-progress ....more

Bird on a bee hive patchwork garden

I think I have already told you guys a gazillion times how much I love Janet Bolton's applique style in A Patchwork Garden. Well, I'll tell you one...more

Hey 20

Last week hubs and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. I can't believe it myself. Has it been that long?Traditionally, we would celebrate by going out for a meal and exchanging gifts ....more

Say Hello to my new pattern - Jane's Basic Clutch

It's been a long time since my last pattern. I'm very excited to introduce to you Jane's Basic Clutch PDF sewing pattern. I started work on Jane's Basic Clutch a long time ago but only managed to push myself to complete it in Feb 2015 ....more

A Cat And Its Moiré

After years of trying to improve my drawing skills, I have come to enjoy my childish drawings. Yes, it is indeed I who drew the cat, not my kids.The cat applique is done using needle turn technique. Needle turning is such a pain, isn't it? ...more