Hungry Days

(I wrote this submission last week, on an especially hungry day. Mercifully, I haven’t had one since then. I embarked on a 60-day challenge yesterday to clean up my diet act…so I’m doing what I can to keep these to a minimum.) You have them ....more


Well, lookie here. I said I had a new promise — daily blogging, and I’m not doing it. That’s familiar to a lot of us ....more

The benefits of early morning workouts – and I mean early

I’ve gotten back in the habit – or discipline – of getting up grossly early to do my long runs (15 miles last week starting at 6am, 17 this week starting at 5:15am.) The benefits are HUGE: 1)...more

I’m Not Sure I Can Do This.

I’ve been MIA for a while. Processing and frankly, busy. This is the first in a series of blogs that I will produce daily — to address those things that come up, but that we never address ....more

Enthusiasm and Burnout

Breakthrough! Longest run since Disney Thursday – a mere 8 miles – but I forced myself to trudge through it, and frankly, it really wasn’t that bad. Now, most people never run 8 miles straight in their entire lives, but those of you who...more

Truth in Tabata

I was in a cycling class the other day and the instructor called out, “Next, we’ll do a Tabata drill.” You’ll see Tabata classes on studio schedules or hear the phrase used as a way to label a set of intervals. But, is this really right? Is this what Tabatas really are…or has this researcher’s name been co-opted as just another way to describe hard interval training? ...more

When all you want to do is NOT RUN…

First run today after 2 weeks off following Disney. Can’t say that it was a great experience – my head wasn’t in the game, perhaps I should’ve given it another week. See pic to the left – that’s how I was feeling ....more

A Dopey Time

The Dopey is done! Well, mostly. Rain and lightening canceled the half-marathon so the 48.6 miles over 4 days turned into 35.5 miles over 3 days ....more

Tread the New Year

Lots of people despised 2016 and some are dreading 2017 even more. I say, don’t dread it – tread it. Treadmill, that is ....more

Tapering Boredom

As promised, here’s to blogging in the New Year. You know what is the best part of training, and the worst part of training? Well, the training…but really, the taper ....more