the merry gourmet

Merry-Jennifer is a self-taught home cook and baker, writer, mother of two, wife, and full-time academic physician. She shares her love affair with food and words on her blog, the merry gourmet.

she took her name off the list

I’m sharing a butter cookie recipe with you today, a really simple and delicious cookie recipe. The recipe comes from Gourmet magazine (of course – all the good ones do), and I only tweaked it a tiny bit, not enough to really count. But really, what I want to share with you is a story about my mother ....more

cookbooks: simple scratch cooking

I was telling my husband on Sunday afternoon...more

feeling thankful

Last night, I roasted some turkey thighs and wings along with some aromatics (onion, carrot, celery, and garlic). The next step was to make stock from the roasted turkey and vegetables. I was tempted to make the turkey stock last night, but I didn’t have the energy and I had a banging headache starting up ....more

cookbooks: what to bake & how to bake it

I am a collector of cookbooks, but it has not always been this way. My first cookbook was an early version of the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book, and I received a short, thick paperback copy when I went away to college. I’m pretty sure my parents gave it to me, but it could have been some other well-meaning high school graduation gift-giver ....more

a november state of mind

If it is quiet, I can hear...more

not perfect, and a recipe for apple tart

I am not perfect. My temper is sometimes short, and I don’t have much patience. I am stubborn, and I like to be right ....more

the aromas of sweetness and comfort

My daughter had a fever Friday night. Her eyes were glassy, and she didn’t have her usual bouncy enthusiasm for our Family Movie Night. Instead, she was sluggish and tearful ....more

the nurse

During the first few days of my two-week hospital service stint in early September, I ran into my father’s nurse, a brown-haired woman in her 50s with a kind face and a gentle manner. I was in a patient pod (a large space with six glass-doored patient rooms around a central nursing station) in the second floor Intermediate Medical Care unit. The IMC is a patient ward reserved for very sick patients who aren’t quite sick enough to need care in the intensive care unit but who need more intensive monitoring than on a regular floor ....more

best ever brownies

I am off work today, on a scheduled day off that I planned for as a reward for working the last 18 days straight. I’ve already checked my work email three times, and I’ve spent 15 minutes logged in to the hospital’s electronic medical record to check on some of my patients. Have I mentioned that I’m terrible at days off? ...more

the morning chaos

I wake suddenly from another bad dream, my heart racing. The bedroom is dark, and other than the sound of my husband’s rhythmic breathing beside me, there is silence. I turn my head to look at the clock ....more