We’ve Moved!

Today we launched our brand new site: TheChicSite.com. We’re so excited to introduce you to this brand new space! All the content that you loved here just has a new home… See you there! ...more

Meet This Mom/Daughter Power Duo

When I picture the relationship between a teenage girl and her mom, I don’t exactly think of “smooth sailing.” So imagine my surprise when I came across Chloe and Kim Gordon, a mom-daughter duo who blogs together on a website called Popcosmo. At first, they started the website as a resource for teens, but eventually ...more

PB and J Bars

There are few foods more reminiscent of my childhood than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. ...more

Get Your Body Back

Since moving to the desert, I’ve enjoyed a bit more bounce to my hair, but otherwise, my long locks can surely suffer from lifelessness. Can you relate? Yes, it’s because I have a lot (A LOT) of fine, long hair but recently I wondered if there were things I was doing out of bad habit ...more

Behind The Photo Shoot

In case you haven’t figured it out from our Facebook countdown, constant hints or blatant excitement…. WE’RE GETTING A MAKEOVER!!! {insert stadium cheers here} Come October 1st, MyChicLife.com will transform into TheChicSite.com ....more

Thrifting Tips: Let’s Pop Some Tags

Macklemore may have made thrifting cool; but I’ve been thrifting long before he was singing about poppin’ tags. ...more

Yarn Cake Toppers

I live for ways to spruce up a store-bought anything. Be it store-bought appetizers, flowers, or in this case a birthday cake, the ability to use some DIY magic to make anything seem like you slaved for hours is a skill-set every good hostess should acquire! In today’s example I created these darling little yarn ...more

How To Approach A Cosmetic Counter

I used to practically hyperventilate before approaching a cosmetic counter....more

Football Tailgate Party

The NFL season is well on its way. ...more

10 Ways Women Sabotage Their Sex Life

Ok readers, we’re going there… we’re talking about sex. I know it’s a bit of a taboo subject, but really, it shouldn’t be! I’m a happily married woman (for nearly 10 years now) and I think a good sex-life is an EXTREMELY important part of what makes our marriage so happy in the first place ....more