My name is Cat. Some call me Catherine but those I love call me cat (or the ones I really love, momma!) I'm a 25 year old stay at home wife and homeschooling mother. We live in a somewhat modest home in the pocono mountains, Pennsylvania. Living here allows us the  opportunity to share nature with the boys in a peaceful country environment. I love to cook and make home goods of my own including but not limited to canning and preserving: Relishes, jams, chutneys, home brewing: meads (honey wine), wines and beer. I particularly enjoy expirimenting with baking and cooking. I often play host to numerous kitchen disasters, and I can not say that I am not sad when things do not go according to plan. I've ruined plenty of food and burned myself numerous times but I still truly appreciate the "task" of learning. 

I'm a self-taught cook with great aspirations. I really truly hope to add "cook book author" to my description in the near future, I've been working on this project for a long time and its something I truly wish to accomplish. Please wish me luck!


Crispy Baked Plantain Chips

Plantains are not something I grew up eating, but they have quickly become a favorite of mine....more

Spicy Kombucha Mustard

I have made mustard several times in the past, and although I always love the results, I just don’t get around to making homemade mustard as often as I should. This recipe isn’t all that different than recipes I have used before but is unique because it utilizes extra sour, homemade, raw kombucha or “kombucha vinegar” instead of beer, white wine or apple cider vinegar. Kombucha vinegar is basically just really acidic kombucha that has been left too long without being fed ....more

Roasted Peel Apart Potatoes (Hasselback Potatoes)

These pull apart roasted potatoes are crispy, tender and absolutely delectable. Also known as Hasselback potatoes, accordion potatoes or shingled potatoes, these are crisp and creamy and adored by kids of all ages....more

Sticky Balsamic & Rosemary Chicken

It’s no secret, I love chicken. For quick suppers, I pretty consistently rely on chicken, green beans and broccoli. I especially love thighs and drumsticks because I can always find them for a pretty decent price so I buy them up (especially when they are discounted) and I freeze them in packages of 6-8....more

Chocolate French Silk Pie

Pie is Man-Meat’s favorite food group. He is like a pie junkie, he likes flat pies, custard pies, fruit filled hand pies, savory meat pies, chicken pot pie, empanada’s you get the point ....more

Sprouted Whole-Wheat: Flaky & Buttery Pie Crust

Pie has always been one of my least favorite things to make. I used to absolutely despise making pie crust but as the years have gone by I have mastered it well enough to do it mindlessly. I still kind of hate it, but it annoys me slightly less than it used to ....more

Whole-Wheat: Kefir Pizza Crust (Nourishing Thin Crust Pizza in 15 minutes!)

Move over English Muffin Pizza’s, there is a new quickie pizza in town. Pizza is just about every kids favorite food group, and my boys sure aren’t the exception to this rule. We can really tear through homemade sourdough pizza’s on pizza night, but this ultra crispy, crackery, thin crust is so fast and easy to prepare, it’s just fantastic for a wicked fast weekday lunch or supper ....more

Broiled Lamb & Beef Kofta

I haven’t always been the biggest fan of lamb, it always reminds me of a musky wet dog. I have made it numerous ways and beyond lamb chops, I never really had any great successes. The first time I had ground lamb that I didn’t hate it was at a quaint little bistro in Jerusalem ....more

Italian Vegetable Soup (with Chicken & Lentils)

Here in the Poconos we are seeing our first major snow fall for the year. It is a little out of the ordinary to have such a mild season but this week they are guesstimating a foot or more of snow. With this chilly, frozen atmosphere, there is no better time to make a huge pot of soul soothing, wholesome and nourishing soup ....more