100 Clean Family Movies ~ Perfect for Family Movie Night!

One of our favorite things to do Sunday evening is have 'Family Movie Night'.  It's a fun little tradition, that comes complete with popcorn and those cheap, chewy, box-mix brownies.  Yum!  In the past, we've watched plenty of total duds.  Movies that literally stunk, or movies we THOUGHT we remember being family-friendly when we were younger, only to find out we were completely wrong.  Blah. ...more

Strawberry Yogurt Bundt Cake (she: Jana)

I usually get the "spring fever" bug when the weather in my neck of the woods starts teasing us during February and starts warming up, but this year it's struck me a wee bit earlier.  I think it's because of the super cold weather we've been having, I'm longing for the lighter nights, the smell of fresh cut grass, the warm sun on my skin, baseball season, popsicles, flip-flops, and strawberries! ...more

OSSS Loves Adoption & Foster Care ~ Jan. 2013 (she: Lindsey)

Hi there! I'm Lindsey Redfern and I am the new Adoption & Foster Care contributor at ‘Or so she says…’. Adoption is a very dear topic to me as my three boys were all brought into our family through very open domestic adoptions. My husband and I are constantly in awe of how the stars aligned to bring us our little family. We are forever grateful to the deep sacrifice of their birth families and try to keep them as ...more

Hello, Weekend: Past Posts & 'Your Great Idea' Link Party #18

A couple favorite past posts: The M&M Straw Game (she: Michelle) ...more

Sweet Heart Rice Krispie Treats (she: Ruthie)

Hi! I'm Ruthie from What's Cooking with Ruthie and I'm so excited to be a new contributor here at 'Or so She Says...'  I just love Mariel! I'm looking forward to sharing delicious recipes with all of you every month. Today, I want to share these quick and easy Valentine Sweet Heart Rice Krispie Treats, they're super fun to make with the kids and they'll help spread a little of that Valentine love around :) ...more

Valentine's Love Potions ~ A Fun Family Game & Tradition

My kids love Valentine's Day, almost as much as Christmas...which is pretty amazing, considering they only get some candy and a book for V-day.  But, every year they look forward to the treasure hunt, finding clues all over the house that lead them to candy, and eventually their new book.  It's been such a fun family tradition!  Anyway, I was thinking this year we would build up to the holiday with more Valentine's Day activities...something I've totally stunk at in ...more

15 Inexpensive Ways to Help You Get Healthy & Fit (she: Beth)

Many people are making resolutions and changes at the beginning of each year, and it feels like just about everyone includes becoming fit and healthy somewhere on the list. Transforming your body is a difficult thing to do, but there are many easy and inexpensive ways to do it. You don't have to break the bank, or your brain, trying to get into shape. ...more

My Favorite Birthday Traditions (she: Brooke)

Hi!  My name is Brooke Duncan.  You can usually find me over at Blissful Roots, but today I am thrilled to be here at Or So She Says.  Mariel was kind enough to give me the opportunity to be her Family Time Contributor.  You'll find me here on the second Monday  of every month.  I can't wait to share some of my ideas with you, and to get to know a lot of you. ...more

Hello, Weekend: Past Posts & 'Your Great Idea' Link Party

It's been a while since the last link party!  Sheesh.  Let's get it started.  But, first... A couple favorite past posts: ...more