I am a tattoo and piercing obsessed; part-time professional photography fanatic; anti-cleaning but clutter fearing; overloaded animal caretaker; over-talking blogging big mouthed; sometimes always right now procrastinating; God-believing and Heaven bound woman... with a lot of things going on in this life I've been given. I lug my camera (DSLR) everywhere. I pack diapers into the side pocket of my camera bag... and the diaper bag is at home when we go out. Change of clothes and snacks? Hopefully they're in the car, or one of my fab friends brought the good stuff. Weird, not very mommy-like, but I LOVE having a camera (any camera) with me for the wow moments of every day. Maybe I should say every moment of everyday? Hehehe. And if I could charge the battery on my awesome Olympus P&S camera, trust I'd have that with me (too...), but I lost the charger.

Mirror, mirror

Shiny, it stands affixed before me Staring in silence, watching the house I draw closer, my image mimics My reflection is weary, is tired Lines feather out from drooping eyes In corners, crooked path awaiting tears Speckles of injury dot high cheeks Chins hug one another, seek attention Hair frizzies edge a creased forehead I inhale, nostrils flaring with intake This is me. This is me. Fingers fumble to draws, pull handles The familiar shuffle of compacts sounds Colors beckon me to choose them The foundation of today’s cover up What mask shall I wear today? ...more

Just after school

Just after school let out for the summer, I found myself sitting in my van. The light was red and the van idled. The sun was an eerie blaze ahead of me – one of those just before sunset glares....more

Calling out

“Mom? Can we take a trip again when everyone is gone; just me, you, and Laura? ” he asks timidly ....more

Did I tell you I love you?

He sauntered over, slumped into a chair and asked me. Without reply, he knew the effect. “There is that smile ....more


It’s cold inside this old house Empty, save the spiders who weave They create connections in open space Keeping me company without making contact Alone, I brood over lost opportunity Many a moment slipped through unnoticed My grasp on success too loose In the darkness, candlelight dances around Welcome motion in this wicked silence I imagine joining the soiree myself Shaking out these aching, mistreated bones Willing myself a pirouette,...more

Mini Vaykay

Williamsburg, we couldn’t stay away ....more

Love me when it hurts

“If we really want this thing to work we gotta go to war….” Avant, ‘When It Hurts ‘ I better start asking “will you love me when it hurts,” because it’s hurting more and more. This blended family thing is an experiment in futility ; or at least it seems so sometimes. Inevitably,...more

Pull out

It’s been hard to write lately; not because I’m uninspired,...more

The mermaid

Cerulean shimmers amidst shocked white spray Undulating, stirring the constant changing tides The crash of salt and sea Rocks jutting just above scream “hault !” She baths atop this surfaced throne Watching the waves churn about her Head turning heaven-ward, she is still Sunkissed skin merges with irredecent drops Whilst pearls and shells modestly adorn *inspired by the word ‘wave’ from Six Word Fridays ...more

Land! Treasure! And a message in the bottle

I’ve been planning this session in my head for quite some time: a pirate ship, a few swarthy crew members, a beach....more