Adventure Tee

I’m not sure I’ll ever get tired of sewing for Ollie. I definitely enjoy all the girly outfits, don’t get me wrong, but sewing for this stud is always enjoyable. Maybe it’s because the pieces always go together quickly (and I never have to ruffle or gather anything!) or maybe it’s because I adore the print mixing on him ....more

Sycamore Skirt

When I was in the middle of making my Sycamore Shorts pattern, I knew the pockets would be amazing on a skirt. I’ve wanted to post about this, but knew they’d be perfect for my Skirting the Issue skirt post. To learn more about Skirting the Issue, please read about it on Simple Simon & Co ....more

Homemade Meat Rubs

I’ve extended my quest for homemade gifts for 2014 to not only include birthdays, but all gifts if possible. So when Father’s Day rolled around, I had a stroke of genius and ran with it. Several years ago I handed my Dad his yearly Birthday card and announced it was nothing fun, just another gift card to the hardware store to join the others in his wallet that I’d given him for every holiday for several years ....more

Michaels Passport to Imagination

I’ve been struggling with things to entertain my brood this summer. Sofia is 6 now and is into everything artsy she can get her hands on. I love encouraging her to create, but I don’t like the mess, clean-up, or distracting of younger siblings I have to do in order to allow her to allow her to do it ....more

your hands are full

There’s an epidemic spreading across our great country. It’s a disease that seems to plague young and old alike, across all nationalities, races, and strikes both genders equally. The long-lasting effects of this sickness don’t linger with the infected, but rather those they infect ....more

Why I Sew

When I sat down to write this post, I wasn’t sure exactly what I would say. Why do I sew? I guess for me, it’s in my blood ....more

Romper Week

I’ve been so excited about this post for romper week! I’ve been wanting to make my Kudzu coveralls into a short romper since I designed them. I ADORE the results! ...more

Style That Kid ebook review

Have you ever visited the blog Alida Makes? I “met” Alida virtually last year and have completely fallen in love with her. She’s amazing and her blog is nothing short of spectacular ....more

30 Days of Sundresses for Melly Sews

I’m really excited to be participating in the 30 Days of Sundresses series for Melly Sews! I participated the first year she did the series and I shared a quick and simple short sleeve peasant dress tutorial I made for Sofia’s 4th birthday. I can’t believe it’s TWO years later and my girl is days away from turning 6!! ...more

DIY Ant Bait

My horde of tiny people keep me cleaning on a regular basis. I swear it’s like they produce crumbs for their first 4 years of their lives! So no matter how often I sweep or vacuum, some lone piece of cereal goes unnoticed under the table and in a matter of hours, my kitchen is full of sugar ants ....more