It’s been… a month and a half? I don’t know why. The girls are busy, amazing, and teaching me daily ....more

running is changing.

Last year Charlie and I trained for and ran a local half marathon. It was a hard, long, and eye opening process. And I never ran alone ....more


It’s pretty easy for me to soften my tone with my girls, to step back and notice their smallness in the big world. It’s simple to see that they are learning, growing, and experimenting and that they are far from malicious. It’s harder with a grown up ....more

a short love letter.

You and those eyes, slowly wrinkling and quickly grinning. Grabbing me to dance to All About that Bass and Let It Go, true romance on the KidBopz station. You’ve been snagging kisses above bobbing kid heads for years now, a pro ....more

SAHM Dairy, Chapter one, the end?

I got pregnant in my final year of college. As I walked for my graduation, in cap and giant gown, my little 4mo bump hid out underneath. I treasured that my first baby ...more


When Nolie was about 2.5 she started talking about “Porcupine School” it was a fictional school where she learned about… everything! Adventurous field trips, explorations, and vacations to Seattle were all mentioned. Writing, reading, and story telling were heavily relied upon, and art was unending ....more

Should I W30?

I am sure it feels like everyone is posting about W30. I see it all over my instagram feed and facebook groups.I think there are lots of reasons to want to do a Whole 30, and the catch phrase of a “reset” isn’t the one I would chase. I wanted to do a Whole30 for a few reasons ....more

Whole30 Family Results.

I’m sitting here feeling like I’ve found the golden key and simultaneously like I know nothing and am at the very beginning again… The whole30 is it’s own beast, and one that has me back to studs in my heart trying to discern what tastes good/what feels good/what “feel good” means/and where the heck I got the idea that donuts once a week was “fun” or felt good or was good for me or my kids. Somewhere around day 5: The girls were begging for noodles (a very frequent meal around here :/) and ...more

Whole30- Results (Autumn)

I’ve hesitated to write this post. For many reasons, but the primary being that I have felt like my results would be a “let down” for most people to read about. Because my “before and after” doesn’t show 10+ pounds lost, or a sudden tan gained ....more

Whole30 Q&A, rundown so far…

I have another post I am working on (about how the W30 has been affecting our family and kids, but I’m gonna sit on that for a little longer while I keep seeing all the changes in my kids, spoiler: it’s insane.) But today I wanted to just check in with a little rundown of how it’s going so far, day 22. I also posted on my blog Facebook looking for questions. I’ll just pull those directly and answer them too! ...more