My name is Mairi Herbert and I love to cook food, read about food, write about food, take photos of food and of course eat food. 
Basically I love anything to do with food, all sorts of food.  I think it's wonderful how food can bring people together and for me my favourite place to relax is in the kitchen, chopping, cooking, simmering, baking.  For me it was a natural extension to share it and to start writing about it.  I also had a few friends of the can’t cook won’t cook school of thought and I wanted to show them how easy it really is to put delicious food on the table.
Originally from bonnie Scotland, I studied Law at Edinburgh University with an idealistic ideal that I might fight injustices and change the world. That wasn’t to be for me and I find it easier to  bring a little joy one meal or cake at a time.  Since then there were a number of years in London, and a year in Australia. I finally ended up in New Zealand over 10 years ago, the most gorgeous little corner of the world and one that I feel blessed to live in.
Toast is all about what I have been cooking (or eating!). It's where I write about what I have been concocting in my little Kiwi kitchen, and by little I do mean little! 
The recipes and inspiration come from everywhere - favourite cookbooks, great food writers, great food bloggers, my Mum, my Grandmothers, friends or conjured up by me. The focus for me is on fresh and seasonal with a little sprinkle of indulgence as we all need a little of that. 
Thanks for stopping by & I hope you enjoy!

Leek & Potato Soup

It’s winter here & oh boy has it been chilly, well chilly for us Aucklanders. We’re not so hardy & any days that don’t reach double digits are deemed freezing & this week we have been down to 2s, 3s & 4s!...more

Moroccan Chicken with Preserved Lemons & Olives

This is one I cooked up while I was at home in Scotland last month for a Friday night dinner party, it was bright & fresh & perfect for Summer but at the same time it actually wouldn’t be out of place as warming & comforting dinner here in the midst of our Kiwi winter, in fact it would most definitely brighten up a winter’s evening, which is probably just as well given the wet, wild & ...more

Roasted Pumpkin , Kumura & Quinoa Salad

With all the trips & travelling I my four year blog-iversary completely passed me by....more

Moroccan Orange Salad

I am now almost 2 weeks in to 4 weeks of can it have gone so fast?...more

Poached Vegetables with Caper Dijon Mayo

So it was just my first weekend back home in Scotland for 4 weeks on holiday, happy times indeed. There will be many catch ups with friends & family & of course there will be lots of eating! I will likely be rolling off the plane when I get back to New Zealand at the end of the month! ...more

Heston's Lemon Tart

So I’d seen Heston make this lemon tart on the telly & he made it look ever so easy! Crisp golden pastry & zesty lemony filling with a dollop of creme fraiche on the side looked like dessert heaven to me....more

Bookshelf:Emma's Kumara & Kale Latkes with Poached Eggs, from My Darling Lemon Thyme - Recipes from my Real Food Kitchen

There’s been a bit about out there about social media & how bad it is & how we spend too much time on it....more

Smoked Salmon with Dill Tattie* Scones (*potato!)

Being Scottish I love potatoes or tatties as they are called in the home country. Roasted, mashed, fried, golden croquettes...any which way I love them. Who can go past hot chips sprinkled with a good pinch of salt?...more

Lamb Kofta Mezze

It was a sunny Sunday & a friend over for lunch & I am very glad we made the most of that sunny afternoon; that I think everyone thought was just another sunny day in what appeared to be an endless Summer. Well Thursday’s weather put paid to that theory....more

Chicken Pho

I was in the mood for a bowl of soul food, so soup it had to be....more