Snapshots from our Pascha (Easter)

Христос Воскресе! We had a very blessed Pascha and a little bit tiring Bright Week (welcome, dear teething). But despite this, I LOVE every moment of our new life as the family of 3 ....more

Yarn Along

My knitting right now can be determined as very pink and paschal. I finished knitting the “in threes: a baby cardigan” and now all there’s left to do is sew the buttons and take pictures. Right after blocking the cardigan I casted on baby leggings by Elizabeth Zimmermann and I plan to finish them by Pascha (hopefully) ....more

Finished projects and Hello my dear blog!

I was dreaming and dreaming to write a post or two for several weeks now. But something or it’s better to say someone very special to me was disturbing my attention....more

Knitting for her and for him

After several posts about motherhood, I think it’s time to write about something KNITTING. Knitting! This word is music to my ears! ...more


**** Thank you Elizabeth for your comment on my last post! You’re so kind to me! Sending my love to you and your family!*** ****Martha, thank you very much for your comment! ...more

It’s the last day of winter

Winter has flown so fast. It seems that the beginning of December was just yesterday and we were in a waiting mode for the miracle. And here we are, the last day of February and spring just around the corner ....more

I can feel the change

Not so long time ago I was complaining about my early days in mamahood. It seemed that sleep deprivation and nursing all day (literally) will be my “new normal” life. It’s only been a few weeks from that post and I already feel some changes in our life....more

Nursing can be productive

If you ask me what I do all my day long, the answer will be - I nurse. Sometimes nursing sessions can be short, but most of the time it takes more than 30 minutes to satisfy the soul and body of this tiny little creature. And I found that all this time spending in bed with our baby can be “very” productive ....more

Dreaming about knitting

Frankly, but right now I only have dreams about knitting. Still can’t find any extra time for creative activity. But maybe after this post I will miraculously find a spare minute for myself and knitting....more

New Normal

Thank you All for your sweet words about our baby girl. It means so much for our little family! “New Normal” is my daily mantra ....more