Dr. Stephanie

I am a clinical psychologist in Colorado and work with adults, teens, and tweens. I am also a regular gal who enjoys family, friends, and having fun - just like everyone else. I blog about technology, parenting, friendship, and pop culture - all with a mental health twist.

Ending Friendships…Good for Mental Health?

Photo credit Friends are the best....more

Helping Kids Develop a Positive Body Image

I recently wrote an article for Produce for Kids about how to help kids feel good about their bodies....more

Why Are So Many Kids Diagnosed with ADHD?

I was recently interviewed for a story in the Yuma Sun, in which the reporter (Chris McDaniel) sought to answer the question: Why are so many kids diagnosed with ADHD these days?...more

Talking to Troubled Kids

Photo credit Talking to kids and teenagers when you suspect something is wrong at home, something’s different in their mood or when you think they might be in some kind of trouble with friends can be scary....more

Managing Home Buying Stress

Photo credit I have been composing this post about real estate stress for the past 2 1/2 months....more

Creating Happiness – Cookies!

Last month was the Picture of Happiness month here on Dr. Stephanie....more

Blogging and Mental Health

Is blogging good for mental health? Drs. Ali Mattu and Deb Serani (and me!) say absolutely....more

The Picture of Happiness – The Jersey Shore

We’re into June, but the Pictures of Happiness keep coming! Today’s guest is Dr. Jen Harned Adams, she says: Ocean City, NJ is my happy place! ...more

Transitioning Into Summer

I recently wrote an article for Produce for Kids, and awesome organization that promotes healthy eating in kids and families....more

The Picture of Happiness – Jogging

It’s the Picture of Happiness Month! Today’s guest is accountant Thuy Le, she says: An early morning jog outdoors makes me happy!!…At home in beautiful Colorado, and especially in a new place while on vacation!...more