Belated Blog Tour

I’m the worst. A few weeks ago, my dear friend Alex asked me to be part of a blog tour. I agreed, wrote my post that was supposed to go up on Monday, and scheduled it for NEXT Monday ....more

Previously On…

Let’s pretend this blog {my life} is a television show coming back from a mid-season hiatus. Yes, that’s way more fun than saying I got caught up in work and life and a physically and mentally taxing winter. Ahem ....more

Day in the Life: February 12, 2014

I always love reading ‘day in the life’ posts on other people’s blogs. For some reason it’s fascinating to me how different people spend their days. I’ve been wanting to do one myself for awhile and finally captured a full day last week ....more


My nephew Maddox turned three on Monday. We celebrated with a small family party at my in-laws’ house last Saturday. On Saturday morning we woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow which was quite fitting considering how the little guy made his entrance three years prior ....more

An Apology to Rachel

I feel the need to apologize....more

Temporary Post

Follow my blog with Bloglovin ...more

Cheap & Easy Handmade Baby {Girl} Shower Gifts

Baby gifts are some of my favorite things to make. Especially for baby girls. They are a great way to use up scrap fabric or half-used skeins of yarn ....more

Simplify & Create

Get ready for some rambling. It’s been almost a month since my last post and there’s oh so much to say. via yourwishcake on flickr This quote is currently scribbled on the chalkboard in my kitchen ....more

Branson in the Snow

Merry – Day After – Christmas! Or Happy Boxing Day, I suppose. We had a wonderful holiday with our families, and Santa was extra generous this year ....more

Snow Day Scenes

We got a surprise snow storm two weeks ago. The weather guys predicted ice with maybe a little snow, and we wound up with almost 9 inches. Snow before Christmas? ...more